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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
Category : Business Mgmt

Let me guess. You're on looking at the Business/Management postings for one of three reasons:

1. You're out-of-work hoping there might be a job posting that finally delivers the security, compensation, and passion you've been searching for pretty much your whole career.

2. You are currently employed, making a respectable income, but are absolutely miserable doing what you do. If you could find a better opportunity that could replace or exceed your pay - that was truly fulfilling - you'd jump at it in a heartbeat.

3. You took an early retirement package, but are bored silly and have been searching for an exciting opportunity that would get your juices going again.

For someone like you the odds are another job isn't going to satisfy your deep yearning for something more fulfilling. As a matter of fact, another job is likely to be more of the same situation you're so intent on avoiding.

Make work fun again. Pool your resources and buy a small established business or, better yet, a proven franchise. It's time you took a serious look at the possibility of OWNING your own business. As an owner you get to call the shots, you decide how big you want the business to grow, and you choose when it's time to exit.

Hi, my name is David Powell, and I know from personal experience that the best paying job doesn't necessarily provide for the enduring satisfaction or relative security we're all seeking. No matter how hard we've worked, or how loyal we've been -- the only shot we have at fulfillment, lucrative compensation, equity, and a secure future is with a business you OWN.

David Powell represents both small and mid-sized concerns that are reasonably priced for sale (most with liberal financing). I specialize in franchise opportunities. Between us, we're bound to have a business that's just right for you.

A properly matched ownership opportunity can offer a lifestyle and income potential that conventional employers simply can't provide. These business opportunities obviously require an investment, but most candidates are surprised at how feasible they are to afford.

Let's talk about it. Contact me for details on how we work together to find the exact right fit for you by selecting from thousands of business and franchise options. We'll learn as much as we can about your needs, wants, and goals, along with your background and personality, to determine which category to consider. If you wish to proceed, we'll go to work identifying and presenting specific options that match your profile - all at no cost to you. You'll enjoy the process.

Embarking on a course of business ownership is too important to go-it-alone. If you find the prospect of Being Your Own Boss intriguing, get started by giving me a call. Not only will we supply the information you need to make a sound decision as to whether ownership is right for you -- WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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