Homeschool mom looking to add 1or 2 more special needs encouraged

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Hello I am a mom of 3 full time, a 4th in summer. I stay home full time, and do side job/projects very part time. I live in Roy on 2.5 acres. It is not very far into Roy. Right on the Spanaway Roy border. We have two large dogs, and chickens. We love to garden year round and cook healthy fresh things from it. We hike, and go to all the parks all around.

We have a very lifestyle prepping approach to homeschooling. We walk and play in the rain. Go to parks and nature hike/explore. Visit the library and it's special classes. We love to go to the children's museums, and other museums for special field trips. We also focus a lot on hands on learning. With Legos, Games, active play, and having fun. I have always home schooled my almost 7 yr old daughter. She is ADHD on the severity level. I was homeschooled my entire life as well. So it is in my blood. I graduated with my high school diploma on time, and very confident about my skills. I have done many things over the yrs. including buying, selling and renting real estate. Fostercare respite provider for special needs babies. Volunteered with Carenet, my church, and Puyallup school district. Lots of experience with children at all levels, teaching and caring. I am currently a pierce county master gardener. We have a fully organic garden and yard safer for kids and animals. I also clean my home with organic cleaners. And try to eat organic and much as humanly possible.

I am looking to add 1 or 2 children to my home schooling plan. Preferably kindergarten-3grade. But open to all. Special needs are great.
We are open to being sensitive to lifestyles , eating challenges and over all views of life. I accept that we are all different and I want to actively teach my children that that is not only ok but good. So if you think you are too picky about what they can eat/watch/learn/who they can be around. Any aspect really. I hope you feel comfortable that I will honor those requests. I also do not have a specific learning plan or program that we follow. But I do keep up with what the state says their age and grade needs to know. We just go about getting there differently.
I am looking for a part time situation maybe 2-3 days a week. Or trade, you take mine one day and teach I take yours one day a week and we come up with what we r teaching together. I am also open to possibly doing part of the drive to help someone out.

Email is the best form of communication. As I do not get good service on my cell at home. But I always have wifi

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