Why Your Child Needs a Licensed Provider

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Sadly, children are hurt in all types of child care environments. Illegal unlicensed providers, stay at home moms (SAHM) licensed centers and licensed in home providers across the country. Nothing pulls at your heart more than reading another story like the one listed above, but the reality is that more serious injuries and deaths occur in unregulated, unlicensed, illegal care settings. In all likelihood, this tragedy would have been prevented if the provider had been licensed, where she would have received the proper training to prevent this from ever happening.

We all know that full time daycare isn't cheap but when you break it down by the hour, it's a bargain. Most providers earn between 2.50-3.00 per hour caring for children. Think about it. 3 dollars per hour and they pay for everything out of that. You pay way more to the little babysitter who comes in and eats everything out of your fridge, is always on their phone, and only puts your little one to bed while you go out to dinner or movie, than you do to the person who provides all the toys, arts and craft activities, teaches them preschool and cooks and provides all of their meals and snacks throughout the day.

So while you're trying to find a great person to watch over your little one, ask yourself the following questions and remember that there is ALWAYS a reason why someone won't or can't get licensed. Always.

Do you know what you're getting with an illegal unlicensed child care provider? No you don't.

Even if you believe everything the person is telling you, can you really be sure? No you can't.

Do you know who all is living in the house? No you don't.

Do you know if anyone has been arrested for a crime against children? No you don't.

Do you know if any family members have arrest histories for domestic violence? No you don't.

Do you really want to use your money and time to investigate everyone in the house? Probably not.

Has their home been inspected to ensure your child's safety? No it hasn't.

Do you know if the food they are serving your child meets USDA standards? No you don't.

Can you get lucky and find good illegal unlicensed care? Yes you can.

Do you really want to gamble on your child's safety and wellbeing? Probably not.

Illegal unlicensed child care is less expensive. Not always.

Licensed child care always costs more. No it doesn't.

Becoming a Washington State Licensed Family Home is not for the faint of heart.

It's personally invasive and the results become public record. The state licensor comes into our homes and inspects every aspect that will be used for child care, including any rooms where children may be and rooms children pass through to go the bathroom or outside. The inspector opens and checks the contents inside drawers and closets, tests smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, wall safety plugs, playground equipment and surfacing and fills out reams of paperwork on us, your child's future provider and everyone else living in our home. Once we get our license, we're subject to random yearly, or more often if deemed necessary, unannounced spot inspections from both the state licensor and quarterly from the USDA food program administrator.

It's expensive. Not just a hundred dollars expensive, (background checks alone are 80 per person) it can run in the thousands to get everything that is required done.

It's a slow process. We don't turn in our application and get approved the following week. It takes months and usually a couple of inspections before the initial license is issued.

It's ongoing. We don't get a license and kick back. We all are required to complete continuing education hours each year to maintain our license, maintain our CPR, first aid, food handlers, and background checks among other things.

Licensed child care providers are NOT babysitters, we're child care professionals.

Licensed providers have made a career choice to provide you and your child with the very best care possible, we're not between jobs, or marking time till something better comes along. We've allowed the state into our homes and put ourselves and our families under the microscope to give you peace of mind. We're a varied group of individuals, most with families, who have invested heavily with our time, money and most importantly our hearts, to ensure your child is safe, nurtured and loved while you're at work. This is our profession and we're dedicated in what we do. Can you get all of that with an illegal unlicensed provider? No, not all of it. The only question is which part are you comfortable with your child not having?

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