Help god help me please if you please read I have cash

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
Category : Apts Wanted

I moved here about 4 months ago and the landlord will not leave she won't let me put a lock on my fence because people keep stealing stuff out of my yard my dog got out and ran away I didn't find them for two days I have two dogs a black lab and a micro bully he's only 12 inches tall they're both very happy they can talk and play with anybody anybody there very nice anyway I put flower gardens I've planted trees for her I put up a small fence for her I did her her own garden at my house and just to help her out because she said she love tomatoes and jalapenos and stuff well she's here everyday she waited till after I signed the lease to tell me I can't use my double garage she tells me she can come here anytime she wants and I understand the landlord needing to come in here and there to keep up stuff in to make sure everything's okay here and there but she is here at least 5 days a week I need help she took my deposit that I got from the Cancer Society I can't get no more help from them because they help me already my neighbors tell me that for people have been here since New Years she takes their deposit and then she drives him crazy my friend rented a house from her too and she's moving out also she won't leave us alone we think she has a drinking habits still or she just lonely or but I have PTSD and I'm depressed and I should have to explain that to her but she's here constantly constantly she does not leave me alone she calls me at six in the morning I mean for no reason just to say hey I'm coming over today and I already figured that but she plugs in my UT it plugs into my Utility outside and does whatever works she wants and uses my utilities without asking you can come here and I can show you before and after of what this place look like I made this place beautiful this house is spotless my dogs are perfect they don't all they do is eat raw hid and play outside completely potty trained they had been trained before i adopted them and I just don't know what to do I can pay 5oo a month or actually probably 510 a month and a hundred towards deposit tell paid in full every month hopefully just one like electricity but if there's two then I'll pay for to electricity and gas I need help I'm admitting the truth my mom said be completely honest on here so I'm being completely honest yeah I have tattoos but you can look look me up lol I am 35 and I need help please help me if any God loving people out there can read this please help me meet me talk to me but once you talk to me on the peaceful happiest friendliest person ever I just want my home I feel like she lives with me and I don't know what to do help me please thank you I also need to be around Katsopolis Edwardsburg Dowagiac Michigan no further up the indicator I can do Buchanan and I also can do Niles Michigan my mom even said oh my god you got to get out of here my best friend getting out of her other house and if she wouldn't took my deposit from them I would have my deposit to give you I would welcome you here any time to come and meet my dogs look at the yard see how beautiful I keep it it's wonderful she just won't leave me alone I have a partner that only stays two nights a week he pays my utilities he's got a full time job I am on disability I don't smoke cigarettes I don't party on I go to bed usually at 10 o'clock at night I drink wine every once in awhile I don't have a bunch of people I probably had four people over this whole month that's it God please bless me and help me amen

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