Fun Writing Contest! Easy! $25 to Winner and Fb Publication!

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Hello Good People!

Long Tale Beach Community is holding its first writing contest. I am looking for unique holidays which may be enhancements on already existing holidays, or completely new holidays that you wish to see celebrated.

For example, the island of Elizabethica reveres one deity: Ornithor, the Platypus God. Instead of Christmas we celebrate the birth of Ornithor, and call it Ornithoras. There is no Santa. However, The Queen, being a writer and artist herself, has brought to life her personal version of Santa Claus. His name is Andy Big Toe. Andy Big Toe exists in legend, in a post-apocolyptic time period where nature consumes technology. This time and land is rife with spirits and fantasy beings, as well as real communities of people who have reverted back to a tribal way of living. Andy Big Toe does not have a sleigh, he has a wheel barrow. He does not have reindeer, he has a trusty sheep dog. He also has a crow which serves as a second pair of eyes and helps him find situations where he is needed. Andy Big Toe is a constant traveller. He finds abandoned objects on his travels and carries them in his wheel barrow until he comes across communities/individuals in need. On Ornithoras, he makes sure everyone gets a little something extra than their needs.

Please take a moment to review and "like" the FB page. It is still in its infancy. I will hold more contests when I have more "likes", and hope to increase the amount of the prizes as the page flourishes and more people are involved. Right now, all computer imagery and basic drawings are place-holders for what I hope to be a wonderful collection of art representing Elizabethica, from artists everywhere.

The winner will receive $25 and have their writing presented on the page.

To enter: Please first make sure you "like" the Facebook page, and then e-mail your holiday as a response to this post.

Please help build my online community! The more, the merrier!

The deadline for this specific contest is August 31st.

Take care, and happy writing!

The Queen

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