Sweet playful whoodle puppy -- 7-months old rehome to a good family

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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We got this energetic little guy when he was just a couple months old, from a reputable breeder (we have her phone number if you'd like to contact her).

He's part soft-coated wheaten terrier, part poodle. He's independent, likes to play hide-and-seek by sticking his head under the couch, and is very quick to learn new things, especially when motivated by delicious treats.

My wife and I work from home and go to school from home, which we thought would be an ideal situation for a pet. Unfortunately due to his energy level and wheaten terrier personality, he's not much for relaxing, and we know now that we really aren't the right fit for him (or him for us).

There's no incredible rush for us to give him up, so we're going to take things slow and make sure we find his forever home. That's why we're asking a re-homing fee of $500, negotiable for the right family. He's up-to-date on all his shots, and will come with his crate, toys, leashes, harness, food, treats, and everything else that's his. He hasn't been neutered yet, since he's still growing. Right now he's about 30lbs and will probably reach 35.

The perfect family for him would be one with kids (or a dog, or both) who he can play with regularly, and a house with a yard that he can explore again and again. He's not a cuddler, and will probably never be one, but he shows affection with licks, and accepting belly rubs. He's also a lot of fun to play with.

He loves his chew toys (he's a big chewer) but we've never had a problem with him chewing on things that aren't his. We just say "drop it" if he's sniffing something, and he doesn't even pick it up.

He's excitable when visitors are over and has to greet everyone the minute they get in the door. He used to jump up a lot, but we've worked hard at training him to not do that, although when he gets excited, the training tends to go out the window.

So far he knows:
Ah-Ah! (it's like "no" or "stop" to him)
Lay Down
Go Slowly
Drop It (which also means "leave it" to him)
Come Here
Go In Your Crate

There may be a few other commands he knows, too. He sort of knows how to fetch, but he's just as likely to take the toy, or whatever you throw, and keep it for himself.

He's crate trained, and we normally keep him on a 10ft leash close to his crate while he's in the house, just to keep him from pottying in a corner somewhere. He hasn't had an accident in several weeks, and is well on his way to being house-trained, although we do recommend that he stays in his crate if you leave the house.

Please contact me if you're interested in giving him a wonderful home. We'd like you to meet him at our house, so you can play and get to know him, and see how he reacts to visitors. If that meeting goes well, then perhaps a second meeting at your house so we can see how he'd do there.

We really want him to be happy and there to be no surprises for anyone. Call (leave a message if we don't answer), text, or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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