1992 Vw Jetta Turbodiesel aka Rare 'Ecodiesel'

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Along with the two pictures above you can browse my photobucket gallery which contains more pictures of the Jetta (Note the pictures are a bit older but nothing has changed, and also there are a lot of pictures of cars besides the Jetta so you will have to spend 30 seconds looking through them.

Photobucket: http://s879.photobucket.com/user/spitfire5792/library/

Alright so this is a 1992 Jetta Turbodiesel, not TDI because this uses mechanical injection with the 1.6l diesel motor. Originally being one of 47 ecodiesel's this car didn't have an aneroid or boost enrichment pump on it, meaning the turbo spooled but there was no fuel added. This was to increase emissions back in the 80's. Well thankfully someone installed a regular Turbodiesel boost enrichment pump/aneroid and now you get amazing power through all gears and rpm ranges.

Interior is what you'd expect. Basic cloth seats have some wear and minor stains but fully functional and extremely comfortable. Door card material is still good just needs to be tightened or pinned back. Being a sunroof-less card it has the hard plastic headliner so no sagging to worry about. Dash has one crack in it, nothing major at all. All in all a nice interior.

Along with this a previous owner removed the AC (Incorrectly) which I spent a very very large amount of time fixing so now it has properly deleted air conditioning and everything works as it should.

That being said, I will now run through a list of what has been done, what I have parts for and what needs to be done (Besides the body)

What's been done:

Headgasket was done 25k ago
Blower motor and heater core were done 4k ago
New exhaust, new manifold and downpipe all done about a year ago (its stock, nice and quiet, yes if you remove the exhaust it will sound like a mack truck)
Turbo seals were redone (Just for regular maintenance, never had an issue ever with the turbo)
Timing belt was changed 4k ago
New water pump 2k ago
Alt belt was changed 4k ago
New Pads and rotors 1k ago
All new copper brake lines 1k ago
Power Steering belt was changed 4 k ago
Oil is regularly changed with only premium Turbodiesel oil
Gear oil was just changed 500 miles ago
Has nice meaty tires on it
New alternator 2k ago
Nice Sony headunit and Pioneer rear speakers
Brake bulbs changed
New timing bolt cover for transmission
I can guarantee you there is much much more I've done that I forgot to list

Parts I have:
Brand new fk streetline coilovers (High quality and haven't been used, these can be included for extra)
Brand new poly bushings for the entire car (Can be added for extra)
New hard and soft injector lines (Included)
Shifter bushing kit(Included)
Injector removal socket (included)
Again there may be more im forgetting

What the car needs:

Injector lines are there because one line has a very very very (did I say very?) tiny diesel leak so I bought all new lines.

Needs fuel tank straps

Shifter has a bit of wiggle room so I bought a kit because who doesn't want a nice firm shift

Needs a fuel sender, super simple to do in this car I just haven't spent time to find a diesel sender (fuel gauge reads empty but you can use the fully functioning trip odometer to keep track of how many miles are on the tank, I've been doing this since I bought it and never once an issue)

Rear Driver door handle needs cleaning and lubrication as you can only open it from inside most of the time, if you know MK2's this is common

Needs some body love, look at the pictures to see, nothing major or crazy, I just don't have the time with my other projects. I removed the flares from the big bumper setup because they were the cause of the rust, along with the body trim, plus its UGLY.

Could probably use a few door/window seals, rain gutter seals are flawless however so no worries there. (No it doesn't rain inside the car when it rains outside)

Oh and it could use a new window regulator (Crank windows) on the driver front window, its a little weird, works fine but its a bit moody at times, every other window works excellent.

I can't really think of anything else. This car is a fantastic daily driver, I have clocked 5k on it in the past 5 months going back and forth to work, always getting 40mpg. I can literally drive to CT (3.5 hours) and come back to vt all on the same tank.

I love this car but I just don't have the time I thought I would to keep on working on the project. I really need a daily that I don't have to work on so I can focus on my other projects.

I am open to trades, though I would prefer cash. I would trade for anything manual (There are very few automatic exceptions), fwd,awd,rwd I really don't care. Chances are if its mid 90s to early 2000 I am not gonna go for it but try me. Classics are my true passion so I would love a classic and could totally drive an automatic if it was say older than 1974.

Whatever your trade is try me, but it has to be a daily driver, it can be a project but I need reliability.

Again cash is king, and of course as always the price is OBO.

Text is preferred at

Or call if you must but I'm usually working.

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