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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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No other family law attorney will beat our rates. Thomas Neil is an ATTORNEY with 19 years of experience. Our office handles custody, child and spousal support, divorce, prenuptial agreements, restraining orders and defending against them, and dividing up pensions [QDROs] and deferred compensation plans. If you are in a custody dispute or seeking spousal support then you need an attorney - not a paralegal or Legal Document Assistant (see bottom of page for why.) If you expect to see an expensive law office, keep looking: We keep our costs down so we can offer our clients our lower hourly rate and get more business.

IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD AN ATTORNEY then, for a lesser fee, without going to court, I can write the family law forms to request custody, child support or spousal support, request or defend against restraining orders,and suggest exhibits to attach to prove your case, and help you file and serve your forms so mistakes are not made, and advise you what to say in court. A well-organized declaration, focusing on what is relevant, written by an attorney, and clearly stating the law and the facts supporting your case, will GREATLY increase your chance of success in court.

In emergencies, Mr. Neil can consult over the phone by credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards.

We also write Revocable Living Trusts and Power of Attorney, and provide Drunk Driving defense and other misdemeanor criminal cases.

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Law Office of Thomas A. Neil
3224 El Camino Ave. (Watt & El Camino)
Sacramento, CA 95821

Why Hire an Attorney? PARALEGALS AND LEGAL DOCUMENT ASSISTANTS CANNOT APPEAR IN COURT NOR GIVE LEGAL ADVICE because they are untrained in court procedures or law. Would you allow your child to fly in a plane flown by a non pilot? Then why risk losing custody or support by using a paralegal or Legal document Assistant? If a paralegal or LDA tells you they know the law or court procedure, they are lying to you. Ask them what law school they attended, and ask them to put in writing for you that they are knowledgable in law and, if they do, the DA will shut them down for fraud.

ATTORNEYS are with you in court and can fix things if problems occur; They know from experience in court the evidence the judge wants to see: Can anticipate the other side's arguments and procedural games the other side's attorney may play: Know and can argue the laws regarding custody and support that a judge decides by: Can speak for you in court: Can write input letters to your custody mediator; Can negotiate with the other attorney: Know the tax factors to discuss in court that affect the amount of support.

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