Guitar Head & Cabinet - '69 Fender Dual Showman & Earth Sound Research

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Hi Everybody,

I recently moved back to Maryland from New York City to attend Grad School this fall. In order to pay tuition I'm selling some of my gear including this hear guitar amp combo that I used in bands throughout high school & undergrad to MUCH satisfaction.

The cabinet speaker is a 1969 Fender Dual Showman. It is in EXCELLENT condition. Regarding the volume capacity, I'll cite my art teacher, who sold it (minus the head) to me in 8th grade: "it was the amp Fender made so guitarists didn't have to worry about being heard throughout the entire Fillmore [West, not East]". I can personally attest to the fact that loudness and the speaker's ability to withstand it should not be a concern of yours. It's a beast. It also sounds beautiful at lower levels as well.

The head for this unit I bought at around the same time and was made by an elusive company called Earth Sound Research. They built 'generic' versions of more expensive amps in the 70's & 80's before they were put out of business by those they were modeling their amplifiers after (Peavey & Fender). Needing a head that could 'complete' the Dual Showman, hold its own against my band's bass player (who had a Mesa Boogie tube set-up) and --in volume & electronic specs- NOT blow out anyone's house circuits or electrocute the guitarist (i.e. me) I came upon this Earth Head at a vintage guitar shop that (as far as anecdotes go) no longer exists. This particular head is solid state. I repeat, it is solid state. There are NO tubes inside it. Once again, there are NO TUBES inside it. While it may lack the 'warmth' and 'volume' granted by a tube amp, I have been MORE than happy with this peculiar piece of equipment and feel that any active guitarist in need of a dependable, durable guitar head will be too.

It is also far less expensive than a tube head would be (I wasn't exactly rolling in money in 8th grade or now either for that matter). The combo I'm selling ABSOLUTELY held its own against the aforementioned bass player throughout my band's existence from 2004-2008. It still sounds incredible today.

Also included in this deal is a speaker cable so you won't have to go out and buy one in order to test the thing out/play it once you get home AND the Dual Showman's original protective case (which, while in tact, shows DEFINITE signs of wear, unlike the amp it's been protecting all these years).

This set-up is, in my opinion, the perfect deal for a guitarist in need of a loud, great sounding amp set-up OR a collector in need of a little dandy eye-candy. I'm selling it only because I have to in order to afford school, haven't given it satisfactory use of the past few years, and want to grant someone else the chance to give it a warm and loving home.

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