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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Brand New In Box.....The LED Machine . . . to order now... An Innovative Combination for Extraordinary Results
LED light energy for complete photo-rejuvenation treatment with the most noticeable results in noninvasive
skin care treatment. therapeutic LED technologies to penetrate the
epidermal and dermal skin layers plus reach the muscle tissue below. The
LED Machine rejuvenates from within for safe, immediate, and proven
LED light treatment works together synergistically to achieve a new
level of results! LED Light stimulates collagen and elastin and activates enzymes, such as
catalase, diminishes unnecessary color amines in tissues, speeds up
compounding glycogen, protein, and fibrin and increases tissue's metabolism,
relaxes skin and ligaments. It soften thrombus, diminishes bloat ness,
discolorations, removes fattiness, reduces lines and wrinkles, eliminate pouch
and black eye orbit, whitens, brightens and protects the skin and so much more...
this advanced treatment option offers
a gentle, soothing approach to effectively tackle wrinkles, fine lines, and other
aging skin concerns.
Firmer, younger looking skin + reduced acne breakouts and photo
aging + no redness or peeling = happier clients and more referrals.
Save Time, Increase Revenue
As the fastest growing consumer market, anti-aging services are critical to your
practice. LED Machine offers the features you need to save time,
increase revenue, and ensure a competitive edge.
LED Machine is completely self contained
Red Light
(650 nm): Promotes blood circulation and stimulates formation of collagen and
elastin to reduce lines and wrinkles, heals xerodermia (dry and roughness) and
exuviations (abnormal shedding) of the skin. It stimulates fibroblastic activity in
order to promote collagen and elastin formation. Achieve excellent results
treating wrinkles, large skin pores, and swelling after surgery. It is excellent for
anti-aging and saggy skin treatment.
Blue Light
(470 nm): Relaxes the skin, kills bacteria treats Acne and Rosacea. It corrects
comedogenic skin--eliminates acne bacillus, whelk, tightens sagging skin and
reduces winkles. The blue light frequency can get to the core of what causes
acne eruptions and eventually kill the acne bacteria. It also eases skin
inflammation and improves the skin's anti-allergy abilities. It is excellent for acne
and rosacea treatment.
Green Light
(520nm): Reduces discolorations including freckles, normalizes sebaceous
glands, reduces black heads and sores, and balances moisture. Most skin types
react well to green light. Its wavelength achieves good result in evening out
pigmentation, smoothing fine lines and improving hydration. Good for capillary
dilation and pigmented skin treatment.
Yellow Light
590 nm): Reduces scars, decomposes pigment and helps with lymphatic
drainage. Stimulates lymphatic and nervous systems, strengthens the muscular
and immune systems, it also eases and balances sensitive skin. Good for
brightening the skin tone, improving the lymphatic and circulatory systems and
scar reduction.

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