Janitorial Worker/ Porter

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
Category : General Labor

Holding Interviews : 8/18, 8/19, 8/20
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Job Purpose:
Porters do a bit of everything to keep businesses running cleanly and smoothly. Similar to custodians and janitors, porters work to make sure that all types of buildings are neat, clean, free from clutter and safe. Custodians spend their days picking up trash, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, or using industrial cleaning equipment to clean floors, cleaning and stocking bathrooms. In addition, porters might run errands for employees, deliver items, move stock, or anything else that employees might need.

Responsible for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitation of warehouse offices, aisles restrooms, hallways, outside, bathrooms break rooms etc.
Follow all sanitation work logs, dump loss logs.
Perform deep cleaning on all olds spills, pick slots and racks.
Respond to spills and debris clean up as necessary.
Maintain high sanitation levels and at all times report safety sanitation issues.
Maintain radio contact at all times.
Keep compactor and bailer doors closed during and after shift.
Keep all emergency exits and exit tunnel clear and free from debris.
Keep hopper clean, fully supplied, dirty water dumped and kept in rack station when not in used.
Separate cardboard slip-sheets from all other trash manage recyclable items Separate metal objects from all other trash and dispose of in scrap metal bin in maintenance.
Keep floor free of all debris.
Empty trash cans as needed and replace all trash bags, all trash cans with exposed product or trash must be emptied daily.
Keep area around shrink-wrap free of trash.
Keep area around water station free of spills.
Mop any empty floor slots.
Keep warehouse free of rodent droppings and spider web. If you find droppings or see rodents, report it to your supervisor immediately.

Daily Work Logs
Dump Loss Logs
Deep Cleaning Logs


Pallet Jack
Interpersonal Skills: Many porters work during regular office hours, while company employees are working. Being friendly and pleasant is a quality one must posses.
Mechanical Skills: Porters need to understand how to work industrial equipment like floor buffers, industrial floor washers. Have a good understanding of what chemicals to use during a spill clean-up Strength and

Stamina: You will need to lift heavy objects and spend most of your time on your feet.r

This is a full time position, 40 hours a week
6:00 am - 2:30 pm M-F

Salary: $10.50 /hour

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