Star Blazers / Space Battleship Yamato -- Marmit Daigokin Andromeda

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Up for sale is one Earth Defense Force Andromeda from Marmit Toys. This item is 100% complete and in immaculate condition. This piece is in like new condition and was sold as new by Japanese seller from whom I purchased it. There are a couple of indications it's never been displayed. First, the cannons on the turrets are super tight and don't seem to have ever been adjusted. Second, the antenna will require a bit of careful pressure to install, which suggests they've never been attached to the hull. I did not attach them for the photos because I didn't want to take a change of a damaging them.

I've provided some detailed pictures to show the issues with the box (separation on a couple of corners) and a couple of factory paint issues (minor compared to what some have reported in the toy reviews). This is the original weathered version released in 2007. IMHO, it's better than the 2009 "anime" version because I favor realism over faithfulness to the line art. The reissue/repaint is just too shiny for my taste.

If you are trying decide between the Marmit and Bandai versions, well, I say why not own both. Seriously, each has their respective merits. The SoC version has a lot of gimmicks, sound f/x etc. But honestly, once you play with them a couple of times, you pretty much put it on the shelf or in your cabinet and let the batteries run out. The Marmit Andromeda, is a sculpture of considerable style and heft. this goes for the base as well, which is wood or laminate (as opposed to the plastic of the GX-58). This and the metallic name plate adds another touch of class. My Kanji is pretty much non-existent, but I have enough Katakana to read that the large print says "Andromeda". If I had to guess the Kanji says something like "Earth Defense Force Battleship".

This is a relatively rare item, especially considering the condition it's in. It was built to be the same scale as the Popynica Yamato (BPX-01), which is roughly 1/665. Therefore, it should also look good next to the GX-58 Soul of Chogokin Yamato.

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