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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Learn How You Can Develop a Gold Savings Planthat Will Protect you and your family against rising Inflation and papercurrency devaluation.You simply exchange your paper or digital moneyfor gold, direct, with NO Banker or Broker FEES. Learn how to Earn FREE Goldevery month for teaching others the importance of opening a FREE Gold SavingsAccount.

CLICK NOW! To watch Video Series -- Learn How to SAVE Money and NOT SpendMoney by moving a percentage of your paper money into your Gold Savings Account.In return you will recieve 24 Karat, .9999 Currency Grade Gold Bullion in theform of 1 grams, 2.5 grams, and 5 grams. These are shipped via Fed Ex to yourfront door from Stuttgart Germany or you can save them in a private and securevault at NO CHARGE.Some important facts regarding our Gold All Gold is delivered from a private issuer of 999.9 Currency Grade 24 karat Gold Bullion Grams. Most gold is sold as commodity gold and is not as pure. Our Gold Bullion is not subject to seizure under current International and bullion laws. All Gold products are exclusively produced by private refinery and mint. All Gold products carry the LBMA certification from the ATSI Refinery, which makes them good for settlement of a nations debt. In the U.S any Gold or Gold Coin purchase is recorded. This means the U.S Government knows exactly who has what -- You are the barer of coins and any government in financial distress can recall gold coins and pay barer at face value. It happened in 1971. It will happen again. Transaction friendly weights, which makes it a viable form of payment and exchange under all economic circumstances in ALL countries. Customer transactions under $10,000 to ANY government agency in ANY country are NOT reported and you are not asked for your social security card or social security number. Your identity is 100% private. All Gold and product sales fall under International Bullion laws set forth by The World Trade Organization under harmonies tax code. All transaction records are complete offshore, and gold is vaulted offshore until you wish to have it delivered. Accounts are private an secure -- more than FDIC, CDIC, or any Gold sale in the U.S. or Canada. CLICKNOW! To watch Video Series -- Our Mission Is To Give Everyone An Opportunity To Build Real Wealth That Will Last For Generations! Get Started Now And Break Free Of Our Debt Based System!

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