Oily Livin

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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What is this Oily Livin thing you ask? What in the world could this stuff do for me? I've heard of this, but I know its just all these hipsters just not wanting to take pills for stuff. Those Young Living people are CRAZY!!! If you've thought ANY of this, I'm right there with ya. I've thought ALL of those things and MANY, MANY more. Then I just decided that I'm tired of taking my kid to the doctor every time hes sick. I'm not sure how well ANY of the antibiotics are working anymore because we have SO many new strands of things.
I struggle with sleep and winding down at night and nothing has helped. I have a high stress job during the day and my muscles ache from time to time just from the crazy days. I wanted to do something different. Heard about this thing YEARS ago from my aunt. My sister started little over a year ago. She had same thoughts. So I decided to try it. Just wanting to try ANYTHING different than what I was doing. To my amazement, it worked! People get discouraged because they tried the same oil mix as someone else and it didn't work. Well, just like with anything in life, everyone handles things differently. So everyone has to find their own mix. I'm not good at selling people things, but I love to help people. You can order any oil you'd like from my page, but just doing a starter kit gets you your basic essential oils that will last you quite a while AND give you a distributors discount!
This can be home job that doesn't require a monthly/quarterly quota! Or like me honestly, it's just a side thing that I do for my family and want to share with others if they need help. It can be bought just on a month to month basis. No requirements! Ordering larger bulks of oils gets you their promos they've got going for that month. (New FREE OILS every month!!!) I've had to find my mix with these oils that works for me and each member of my family, but it has been well worth it. I just wanted to share my story and hope that it would encourage and help someone to change their lives!
I've thoroughly enjoy my Oily Livin and hope you would too! Please check out my page and let me know if you have ANY questions! Enjoy!!!


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