Rehoming Chinchillas

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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I am trying to get out of the chinchilla business. Actually I never really intended to be "in the business" They are super cute but just more than I can handle right now. I have 7 Chins to rehome. 4 are adults and 3 are adolescents (6 months old). All are very friendly and get along well with each other. I let them all out to play when I clean cages and they are very social.

Chin # 1 is an adult male standard Grey about 5 years old (photo # 4) . His name is Mr BoJangles (Bo for short). He is an in tact male and good for breeding if you choose to breed.

Chin's # 2 and 3 (pictures #5 and 6) are both adult females standard grey age 2. Their names are Skittles and M&M. They both are good breeders if you have a mind to use them as such.

Chin # 4 is an adult male Black about 4 years old (photo # 1) . His name is Chocolate. (Like the movie with Johnny Depp. French pronunciation). We fixed him because he got into a fight with another Chin we used to have and injured his privates. We were afraid of infection so vet recommended fixing him. He is a lover once he gets to know you. Such a sweet heart.

Chins # 5, 6, and 7 are kits from females # 2 and 3. 2 are standard grey from male # 1 and female # , 2 twins (1 male (photo # 2) and 1 female (photo # 3) ). The third is a cross between male #4 (black) and female # 3 (grey) and is a very dark grey(photo # 7) . This one is a female.

all chins have a rehoming fee. Any of them as individuals are 75.00. (Compare to 100-125 at pet stores). There is a discount if all are taken. I have a small cage for sale if you find a need for it. It is 25.00.

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