downed trees to be sectioned

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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I would like someone to email me a price quote on how much it would cost for ABOUT 10 medium sized trees that are already down and stacked to be sectioned into 16 inch sections.

This can be a QUOTE, I know you aren't here and can't see them, but we are on a tight budget and so I don't want to waste your time. There is nothing remarkable about these trees, I am guessing there are ten. My neighbor had a professional company take them down and stack them in her back yard. Our whimsy chainsaw can't get through them, but its an electric glorified hedge trimmer. Dont be too impressed :)

I won't call you, I will email you, IF i get a general idea of what this may cost us. A guy sectioned 8 trees for us in about an hour last year and his fee was beyond reasonable. I can't commit to you doing this IMMEDIATELY, please don't tell me you are on your way over. . . that is weird, and I need to coordinate this with my neighbor. I also don't know her name, so I am going to need to do a little digging. . ...

I am begging you, please don't email me "call me, #6035lskd;hg;sld" . . .. because I won't. I can text you a picture of the logs if you are so completely stumped on what this may cost you that a general estimate is impossible.

Thanks! Also, if you want to trade this work for a big wood stove that we have had in our basement, we can talk more. And by talk I obviously mean email, because we have covered this. . ..
The woodstove has a blower, it is perfect for a basement or a garage, so tell the chain saw wielding lumber jack looking for a garage heat source to please . . .*everybody now*. . .. email me. This option would require some chatting, because we haven't been too concerned for the woodstove in a few years, I'd want to make sure that its a solid trade.

Well this was lengthy. . .. thanks for reading.

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