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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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It seems that New York's East Village is having a serious problem with pits belonging to homeless people. These fine folk - whom locals refer to as "crustys" - lounge about on the sidewalks with unvaccinated, unneutered pit bulls. When they attack people and pets, there is nothing that can be done, according to the police - because the owners did not order them to attack.

Famed punk photog's dog dies after attack by big 'crusty' pit bull
"Within that split second, the pit bull -- an unneutered brown giant -- lunged off the couch. It went straight for Sidney's throat and, with its iron jaws, clamped down mercilessly."

Homeless Man's Pitbull Bites "Through" East Village Pedestrian's Arm
"Ed Vassilev was walking with his dog, Misha, on 2nd Ave between East 4th and 5th Streets at 11:30 a.m. on August 5th when a pitbull who appeared to belong to two young passed-out homeless men sprinted down the sidewalk after him. Vassilev picked up his dog, and the pitbull bit him. "He got a chunk of my arm. It was brutal. It wasn't a nip -- he bit through my arm," Vassilev told the paper."

Another East Village Pedestrian Attacked By A Pit Bull
""I came across this crusty punk guy who looked like Charles Manson," Puzzo told us this morning. "Long dark hair, beard, torn black camouflage tee. You come across these people sleeping on the sidewalk all the time, but something told me I should be careful. Maybe because the pit looked like a sleeping tiger: large and a brownish with black stripes.""

Pit bulls seized after attack that killed dog
"Jeff Buehler, the owner of Buddy, the dog that was killed, told News 3 that his wife was walking Buddy at about 7 a.m. when the dog was attacked on Seventh Street. The dog was taken to a veterinarian's office where it died."

Two pit bulls attack men in two separate West Side incidents
""There was one pit bull at the time," Mendez said. "I was trying to fend it off with my bag of groceries and everything. The other one came from behind and bit my leg. The other one was trying to go after my face so, I was fending it off. I got up and that's when it bit me in my arm." Mendez needed 11 stitches after being bitten on both arms and legs, but at least he got away."

Warren girl, 9, injured in a pit bull attack
"Neighbors and bystanders were able to pull the attacking dog from the child before officers and emergency medical personnel arrived, Bonett said. It's unclear what happened to cause the dog to attack the girl d or if the owners would face any charges but Bonett said the pit bull was taken away."

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