re re puppy for good homes only

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Why do you care if they get good homes at all? You backyard bred. You should have been a good home. But you backyard bred. Glad you find these photos okay and still think backyard breeding is awesome. YOU CAUSE THIS.

1.4 MILLION pitbulls are euthanized each year in the United States. That's thousands...thousands of adults and puppies PER DAY in America because they are so extremely overpopulated. They are the #1 most euthanized dog in the country because they are the #1 most overbred dog in the country. I don't understand DEEP INSIDE how you can even claim to love your own pitbulls, let alone the breed, if you choose to ignorantly have backyard bred litters. That IS what you did. By not spaying and neutering your pets you say to the world that you simply don't care if other pitbulls are kills, simply so you can either make a buck, or not have to spend any money at the vet...or what? Why? I just truly don't see how you can claim to love ANY dog and be okay with thousands being killed a day so you could have puppies. That's murder, no matter what way you slice it. I'm sorry people like you exist. I don't even care how that sounds. I've worked in pitbull rescue for over 16 years and personally stood next to four foot high piles of puppy bodies after a day of killing as many dogs as people like you let be born. I love my pitbulls. They're fixed and can never contribute to murdering another pitbull.....but you kill. It's very low class in 2015.

, luck for us who actually DO love pitbulls, forbids the breeding of dogs. They've publicly made clear they prohibit breeding and litters on their site. People like you just either choose to not care and blatantly disobey the terms of the site, or can't read. Not sure which. Your ad, posting id, and number have been reported to the site. I'm truly sorry you don't seem to have any thought, regard, or care to the fact that you are directly responsible for killing dogs. Every puppy you had that now needs a home has killed another that will now never get one. What a shameful, pathetic human being.

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