4th & 5th Grade Christian Homeschool history/sci/art...everything

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Here we have a complete homeschool set for either teaching a fourth and fifth grader at the same time or for two years. Could be used with a 6th grader as well possibly.
Everything is included and clean (unless otherwise noted) and comes from a smoke and pet free home.
The science curriculum is built on the six days of Creation. Everything else I found, researched... and put together. I used this for two years and is more than enough material as I would stretch some things out a bit and would pause some stuff to dig in deeper with library books, books and videos from our church library, shows from the History Channel and movies...
Everything you need is here. That is, except for math, as we switched to doing this online (I'd be happy to give some recommendations).

I honestly think that you can not get or assemble anything better than this. I worked hard to get (and adjusted and replaced along the way) what grabs, builds and prepares their minds. It cost me well into the hundreds (as it would you if you tried) to put all this together but I am looking to sell this below what it is worth and hope it really blesses a good family but I can't just give it away for dirt. I am hoping to make enough to cover what I need for this year. So, make me a reasonable offer and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Oh, please give me your name and number so I know your aren't a spammer.

BTW I am also listing a set for 2nd and 3rd grade as well.

Thank you. Please fell free to ask any questions.
Emails preferred but call if you like (8o5) three four four- 1643, ask for Bo

-The History of our United States (used in 4th)
-Mini posters of Presidents Washington - Reagan with info on the back (used in 4th)
-The American Republic (used in 5th)
-The American Presidents (used in 5th)
-Full sized framed Poster with Presidents (Washington - G.W. Bush)
-Early Automobiles
-Discovering America's Past- Customs, Legends, History and Lore

Language and Learning
-First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind, Teacher Guides and Student Books for both Level 3 and 4 (4th and 5th grade) completely clean, they wrote it all out or used tracing paper
-3 "Keys for Kids" daily devotions (we used these Mon-Wed on school days and lasted 2 yrs) they really fit our theme
-2 Character booklets, Heroes of the faith- Joseph Merrick and How to develop Gratefulness (we read parts of these on Thurs)
-The Big Book of Questions and Answers
-Merriam Webster's Dictionary

Science, Creation, Animals
-Considering God's Creation Teacher manual (with CD), the student workbooks can just be printed
-106 Days of Creation Studies (Charlotte Mason)
I used these two together as a guide and would sometimes get the books Charlotte recommends but typically got my own on whatever the subject, much of which I included below, all that is really missing is the big book I had on sea creatures
-Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
-Exploring Creation with Astronomy
-Life cycles of Nature flip charts
-1000 Facts about wild animals
-Wildlife Explorer with 42 bird cards, 16 reptile & amphibians, 9 fish, 9 explorer behavior, 14 world explorer and 11 conservation issue card (never got the mammal cards but didn't need them with the books we had and all the videos on tv)
-What is a Reptile?/What is an Amphibian?
-Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs
-Dinosaur Combat
-Trapped in the Tar...
-Creepy Crawlies
-Zoobooks- Insects
-Zoobooks- Sharks
-Rabbits and other Small mammals
-Zoobooks- Giraffes
-Zoiobooks- Baby Animals
-Zoobooks- Bats
-Birds and Blooms
-Zoobooks- Eagles
-Zoobooks- Ducks, Geese ans swans

Arts and crafts
-Everything Kids Puzzle Book
-Everything Kids Sci Experiments Book
-Nature Crafts for Kids
-You can Draw Wild Animals
-You can Draw Cars
-Drawing Animals
-How to Draw Horses and Ponies

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