Will work for school supplies & shoes

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Hello! I am looking for any gigs/odd jobs to supplement my childrens return to school. I have three boys, 13, 10 and 3. I do work full time and their daily needs are met as best as I can manage. My income just simply does not allow for "extras". I am just wanting to earn enough to buy them all new shoes as the summer has taken its toll on what they have, and they all need new book bags, the supplies I am hoping to get a little at a time. Understandably my preschooler will be easier and cheaper to figure out but a teen and pre-teen are at those phases of life that the off-brand hand me down life has become a bigger and bigger factor for them. We are very used to buying used, thrift storing and taking all the hand me downs we can get, I'm just trying to give them a fresh start to the year and maybe a little more confidence when they walk through those doors. If you are a parent then you can understand that when your children cry over being bullied, no matter how superficial the reason, it breaks your heart. My oldest deserves to feel as equal as his peers, and my middle son is starting a new school with kids who have already harrassed and jumped him... I know new shoes, or a back pack, or a much needed hair cut may not seem like much but to a child it can be.

So what can I offer? My help, or my hardwork. I am skilled in just about every area of a side job world as I have always worked more than one job. I can paint houses, help with demos, general moving of items or cleanup, garden and landscape (not design) work. I have waitressed and handled event planning, as well as done home party sales if you are in need of advice/help in that area. I work as a professional by day and am skilled with resume writing and helping with interview skills. I can help someone get through paperwork and scheduling of the bureacratic world if you just don't know where to start. Maybe you are looking for something and can make a trade? I have a house full of randomness that may just help you help me.

So if you can help or have any useful ideas (no I will not do anything illegal or stupid so don't bother if that is your thing) please message me. I would say call or text but my phone fell off the car and is out of commision... service is on but until I can replace it I can only check voicemail when I am around another phone (if you have a free working Cricket phone let me know!), so email is best for now as I can access until 5 at work.

Thanks for reading and many blessings to you and yours regardless!

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