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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Hi, I am writing you today to ask for any donation to keep myself and brother who suffers from renal failure. I was wounded in the service in a missile battalion by a scud missile which blew up and left me with severe tinnitus back in 1989. The VA Drs knew then and quietly gave me an early release and hon. discharge. I didn't ask for help from anyone, I paid for Drs or my ins. paid bills but I wasn't told by the VA that I could have made a claim. Now that I'm almost deaf at 50 and suffer horrible ringing in my ears, all they will pay is $700. I can't even talk to my kids except by text! Do you think thats fair? Now to rub salt in an open wound some pencil pusher at SSD has decided I'm well enough to go to work although my medications and condition put myself and others lives at risk. They never even looked at my Drs medical advice stating I'm 100% disabled. SSD also turned down my brother who is on dialysis whom I help support along with my children all on SSD and a few hundred bucks from the VA. They love ya while their using you. Well now I'm almost thru my savings and I'll be on the street in a month. Which surely will kill my brother. I have appts. with the VA but if you know the VA it takes months for an appt. Please. go to " iamtotallydesperate.com " and make any kind of donation to charles hughes or buddylove855, help me until I win my appeal with the SSD. Good Karma will come back around I'm sure. Always has for me. Why is the state of Florida so mean? I worked hard as a union carpenter for 35 yrs, paid into SSD and had my benefits taken by Florida. SSD isn't an entitlement,we pay into it! THX and God Bless hughescharles@gmail

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