*** Get Paid to Locate Houses in Kc - Up To $500 Per House ***

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
Category : Labor Gigs

WE NEED: People who drive around the city or can, to Locate Houses that meet easy criteria.
YOU NEED: Access to the internet, a camera (or smartphone) and the abiliy to drive around!

You can earn $ PER Lead you submit or BIG$ PER House we take on!

Website makes it easy for you to Sign-up, Submit leads and Get Paid!

This is a real opportunity to work with a local real estate investor and learn how to buy and sell real estate at the same time! ANYONE CAN DO THIS

All backgrounds, all experience levels, no credit, employment, backgound checks to work with us.

What you need:
Some type of transportation (car, truck, motorcycle, bike, moped, your feet, whatever)
Pen/Pad of paper
Camera OR Smartphone with camera
Access to email (public library, gmail/yahoo/live/outlook...all ok)

You can do this very part-time, while you drive around the city, or dedicate 1-2 hours per week!
Bonuses paid up to $500 per deal we take on, BONSUES PAID in certain situations!

Depending upon your ability to find/get information, approx 1 out of every 7-10 leads will become
a deal where a bonus would be paid to you!

You could easily find 10-30 leads per week or at least 1 qualifying deal, if not more....and that's part-time.

Simply reply to this post via Email or Text and I'll send Details and how to get started.

(Obvious Disclaimer #2 - This is FREE to sign-up/join. You do nothing, you get nothing. You may make more, less money depending upon your effort. This is not an hourly or salary role, this is pay-for-performance based upon my pre-determined criteria.
Disclaimer #3 - Fees paid to finder are considered Marketing fees and are not a commission.

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