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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Hey hows it going today?

Need an eBOOK Cover? Paperback Cover? or Perhaps a HardBack Cover?

Don't worry, I got you Covered!

Got Your page count? Did you write your book yet? (Please say yes:)

Okay Check this out: Awesome deal on Covers Today - to Get You On Top of Search Results Selling More Books than you could have imagined if taken this on by yourself. Reason. I'm THAT GOOD!

So tell me,

Do you need an eBook Cover for Kindle, or a Paperback Cover for How about a Hardback Cover? Where ever you share your wisdom, its going to be super competitive! To be OKAY with 'THAT' it takes confidence in knowing you can compete with the best!

I have been at the top competing strongly for well over a decade, and more recently (last three years) in Kindle and and related partner book stores for many customers. Currently I am creating Two Dog Training Brands and other Specialty eBOOKs and Paperback Books as well. I have over 600 COVERS ONLINE RIGHT NOW... Upwards of 83% of my COVERS are in PAGE 1 Search Results, Top 1 position to to Top 5. Always visible - Always selling, and I know hwo to help you to get this done too.

If you need a COVER and have a Title and Cover Design to match, come close to or a Good Idea of what you need - I can do that and turn around in 24 hours EASILY...

If you want me to do the whole thing, TITLE, SUB TITLES, COVERS with Image or Design, or both including Super Catchy Call to Action Titles that make people Buy your book - as well as keep it on Page 1 in search results - THAN yeah - I can do that too! Sometimes 24 hours, sometimes a bit more time. Still the same price no matter how long it takes me...

How much would you like to pay me to Help You Sell Your eBooks and Books by having the most noticeable Titles, Sub Titles and Cover Design in Your specific niche market?

What is it worth to you?

a LOT I am certain. Good thing though, because I do not charge a lot to help you sell your books faster than anyone else here - will promise they can.. Basically you can say: "I know EXACTLY what I am doing" my results don't lie. Check for yourself - then make a decision. Hurry though,I have clients that I just can't seem to ever be able tot get rid of once and for all:) kidding but they return I can promise you that much. They Like their sales! And they call me for repeat business all the time..( wish I could hire someone who knows what I know) scratch that. Lets keep it simple. Yuo an me -

Lets Build You a Traffic Magnet Sales Getting Book Title and Cover - Today!

If not me - then WHO? - WHO can get you to the top on day one? - ME that's WHO!

You know what you need to do!

Speak soon! Lets get your book cranking!

- starting at $50 - $250 (includes Title and Subtitle if you need one - along with - setting you up to Top Out on Page 1 Results for your Niche and best sales possible based on this alone.

Name's "Neal"

Email me ASAP lets get your COVER Built Today!

ps. It's a fun thing BTW - no stress.:)

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