Increase LinkedIn recruiter views 15x change 1 letter of word $60/p

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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$60/ for the entire profile, not just one word.
Pop Quiz: Would you rather submit your resume online/e-mail to someone in the company, called "inbound," or would you rather have a recruiter call you. Clearly it's better if the company expresses an initial interest.

You might spend $200-$400 to have your LinkedIn profile written for you. But, the way the LinkedIn algorithm works - if that writer doesn't use the highest probability words, you greatly diminish your chances of coming up in the company's search and getting that phone call.

HOW THE HIRING WORLD WORKS TODAY: Companies have found they can save money by doing internal searches (LinkedIn is rated #1) instead of using external recruiters. The latter usually make 30-50% of the employee's first-year salary. Companies save money by subscribing to LinkedIn's database where they enter up to 25 "key words" that most closely fit the needs of the role to search for high-quality candidates. These words are based on discussions with the hiring manager; the job description is written.

THE HUGE UNKNOWN PROBLEM: Up to 25 words are allowed by Linked so if you use variations on a word you waste priceless words to find better "fit." Example: If leadership is a key role, a recruiter might want to include "Led" "Leads" Leadership" "Leading" in their search to increase chance that what you wrote on your profile aligns with their keywords. But, 4/25 of their words are used, so they can't get a good feel for a match with limited skills listed.

So, your profile has the word "Leadership" in the headline (LinkedIn's algorithm assigns a 3-5x value to words in the headline to other areas). But your dream company used "Leader." You don't get points based on the algorithm. The more points, the higher you rate on the list generated for recruiters to call.

Ok, fine, I'll just use all the variations of important words throughout my profile - NOPE. The algorithm values headlines and job titles many times higher than the words found elsewhere.

Examples (I've changed the words, but the percentage of time they are used is based off similar examples:
Leads: 15%
Lead: 3%

Follow up: 9%
Follow-up: 0.07%

It also works for minor alterations in words:
Product: 22%
Brand: 3%

WHAT DO I DO? I review your LinkedIn resume and recommend changes to words, for $60. This is many, many times better than a well-written resume alone. What if it's very well written but 7 words could be "tweaked" to increase the odds immensely.

1. You provide me with your LinkedIn profile and let me know which key words are important. I will also search the document for other areas to improve the odds.
2. I provide you with a combination of words/hyphens/alternate words similar in meaning that rank the highest in percentage used by internal recruiters

Do you want proof? If you are interested, send me an e-mail, and I will provide you with a screen shot of my linkedIn page. It shows what happened to my views, specific to internal/external recruiters when I did this (3mo before and 3mo after). I am currently rank in the top 12% of profile views (and I'm not that attractive. I was amazed. I've done it for 3 friends now, and they have one month of data post enhancement. The increase in views over baseline is astonishing.

WHAT ARE MY QUALIFICATIONS: I work in the IT field and have legal access to a database that combines job postings from 6 websites into 1 master website. When a recruiter sends a job description to an online job advertising agency, they include the job description AND the KEY WORDS. Only the job description is available to the public - I have over 20,000 key words to be more specific. I also have trending data for the past 5 years. I also have intimate knowledge of LinkedIn's ever changing algorithm.

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