Man Charged with Killing Hundreds of "free Pets" Plz Read!!

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Man Charged with Killing Hundreds of "FREE PETS" PLZ READ!! (EVERYWHERE=IMPORTANT!!)

Man Charged With Torturing and Killing Pets He Adopted from

PLEASE READ! The fate of your adoptable pet could well be the same as that of many, many animals in Olympia, Washington. It's a heartbreaking story, but it needs to be told, and retold until pet owners understand the dangers in rehoming pets.

David Williford, 26, is charged with turning the basement of his house into a makeshift animal torture chamber and abattoir. If the allegations are true, many innocent pets died gruesome deaths at the hands of an evil man.

Williford's horrified new roommate alerted authorities to what was allegedly going on. When Thurston County Animal Services officials raided Williford's home, what they found shocked them profoundly.

Fresh blood reportedly spattered the back yard and basement entrance. The Olympian reports that animal control investigators indicated "there was no blood-free area to step, so we had to walk through it."

Inside, they found:
The walls and floor of the basement covered in blood, fur and flesh
Coolers filled with rabbit carcasses
Decapitated rabbit heads floating in water
Bags of guinea pig carcasses at the basement entrance
Two small dogs in a crate in a dark attic with no food, water or bedding
Several recently killed dead guinea pigs, some still warm
Coops containing dirt and feces-covered chickens
Rabbits stuffed into small cages without food, water or bedding
Rats in cages without food or water

According to KOMO TV, when rescuers found the emaciated dogs and opened their cage door, the grateful animals leapt right into their arms.

"There was a lot of animals killed in that property," Thurston County Animal Services investigator Erika Johnson told KIRO TV. "There was too many to count."


Williford allegedly used to obtain the animals who suffered and died in that house of horrors. Yes, these were pets that people couldn't keep or didn't want. Williford, a handsome and probably charming young man, reportedly told owners that he wanted to "rescue" their pets. They blindly trusted him and willingly gave their animals over to what remained of their lives in pain, torture and an eventual horrible horrible death. Abandoned, alone and afraid.

Rather than making a real effort to find a reliable new guardian and a good forever home, people got rid of their unwanted animals quickly on . Sadly, what they really did was consign these poor creatures to hell--Williford allegedly starved, tortured and killed them.
"It was terrible. It gave me nightmares for a couple of nights," Dr. Victoria Smith, a veterinarian associated with the case, told KIRO TV. Dr. Smith's medical assessment of how six guinea pigs died enabled officials to charge Willford with six counts each of first and second degree animal cruelty.

"The six guinea pigs all died of just violent blunt force trauma, fractured skulls," Dr. Smith told KIRO TV. "He could have done it with his boot or his fist, or thrown against a wall. It's hard to say."

Williford's defense seems to be that he was merely slaughtering animals for food in unsanitary conditions. Yes, that's the best he could come up with. No one believes that.

"These are merely allegations at this point," noted Thurston County Superior Court Judge Erik D. Price as he set $150,000 bail for Williford, "but they are truly disturbing." Disturbing indeed. A better word might be horrifying.

Based on the sheer number of dead and starving animals on the premises, there should be more charges to come.

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