Hi my name is timothy I have two dogs one smaller and a lab both train

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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Hi I moved here and I'm guna be honest I'm thinking about a lawyer because I'm so upset my landlord here every day she just I think lonely I have ptsd I need quiet peaceful relaxing invirement I no landlord have to fix things here and there that ain't promblem I have two dogs and I need a yard or would like one if not ok looken for a nice little house or bigger apt down stairs if possible for 500 a month I can pay a hundred tords deposite tell paid off she don't let me use my two car garage for her storage she won't let me put lock on my fence she said no and I have had things stolen out of back yard her yard is fabulous because of me and my house is amazing you Wana come see come I don't mind text me and I'll send adress so you can see I don't party I just like a quiet home that's a home were I'm comfortable my nabors said there has been 6 people here this year she takes your deposite then bothers you so much you move out then she gets all our deposit my best Freind got place same as me she moving to this lady cuss constantly and has no life we don't think please help me please thank you very much have a awsome day help lol please she here four days a week when I'm not home she plugs her tools in to out side plug in don't ask just does that's my electric bill help please I'm so just over this so upset and lost I just want a home I can make buetiful and have some privacy she walked in last week when I just got out of shower it's big two bedroom with fenced in yard .everyone has me work on there yard lol I'm just good at it I love it here but I have no privacy if she would just come when it's needed I understand but she throws cigerets in my yard it's not the home its the land lord it's awsome place but with no privacy I feel like I'm living in her house I no deep down she's a good person I have to beleive that I just thinks she drinks to much calling me at all hours for no reason at all I'm in bed lol omg help please.

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