Beautiful loving cat to good home

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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1 and 1/2 years old
Nowegian forest cat/tabby mix
Medium length hair
Green eyes

Very affectionate and loving - prefers to sleep near a person, loves nuzziling and pettings

Extremely vocal - has a large range of meows, chirps and purrs to communicate with and will do so. Sometimes to an annoying degree. She can be pushy.

Gentle- rarely uses her claws or teeth in a painful manner, she understands when you say "Ow" and will calm herself down.
Addicted to Temptations cat treats- will climb over anything for them

Likes wet and dry food - seems to favor a golden color bag of cat food from costco over other brands but she is not too picky. Doesn't really like chunky wet food, I tend to get her the pate kind.
Excelent hunter - there is always at least one gopher or mole at the foot of my porch every day. Goes after rats too and chases crows away.

Also good at taking care of herself. Stays away from cars and traffic, stays away from most strangers and can beat up male cats 3x's her size and always comes out unscathed. Though she is good with dogs, most of the dogs in my neighborhood are also good with cats so I have no idea what would happen if a aggressive dog meet her. She has successfuly removed skunks from our yard, with out causing a fight. she tends to stare them down.

She was injured some how a few months ago - her tail got yanked severly. She has lost some feeling in the last 1/4 of her tail. It does move but she doesnt notice feeling so her tail needs to be checked for burrs and others foilage pieces.

She will also tolerate a shower. No buckets or dipping but she will stay in the shower and be washed without much hassel. She only tries to escape after about 15 minutes, no claws. Its also the only time I've heard her make hate or "evil" noises towards me but no other physical reaction.

She does love toys and playing with humans and other critters. Adventerous and fun. Bouncing and skipping around when you are outside. Once attached she will be your shadow and follow you around. She hangs out on "her" chair in the kitchen while I cook, always sleeps near me and follows me incessantly.

It may be hard for her to adapt to a new home. It is not my true choice to let her go, my hand is being forced, and this is very hard for me. Nowegians tend to be a "one human" kind of cat but I believe with she can adapt to a new home. She will need lots of attention at first, lots of affection too. She can not be let out of the house for a few weeks or there is a high possibility of her trying to find her way back to me. Once she is adapted, she is an inside and outside cat. Spends nearly all her waking minutes outside and really only comes in to eat and sleep.f

I will only adopt her out to someone who actually lives in a house that has a yard for her to prowl in. She also tends to stay in the immediate vicinity of her home, she is not a wanderer.

She will need to be spayed and have her shots. Adoption fee is getting her spayed. Humboldt spay/neture will do it for cheap and many vets have shot clinics. I will demand the spay being done in the first month of adoption, with you confirming with me that you got it done, or I WILL take her back.

If interested email me, I will send pictures of her then.

Thank you for reading this and I hope someone out there is looking for a companion as well as a huntress for their home.

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