Yet another boring ad targeting Duluth copywriters

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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The "I Have Places to Be, People to See" VersionWe're looking for some help with a few of our accounts. The subject matter is plastic surgery, so we're most interested in those with backgrounds writing on plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, or other medical topics. We're offering a contractor role at first, roughly 5-10 hours, with the possibility of a full-time position in the future for the right candidate.If interested, please see below for qualifications and application instructions.The "I've Got Some Time to Kill" VersionOur mission is to create synergistic online copy that enhances our client's ability to sell to its target market and...

Apologies, I nodded off for a moment. Let's try this again. Do you cringe at the garbled trash that passes for writing on the Internet? Do you want a virtual pen to edit everything in sight? Can your writing convince an Eskimo to buy ice? Does it bother you that I broke the rule of three? Then join us, padawan, on our quest to bring order to the Internet.

I cringe all day! You have my attention. What is it that you do?

Every business has a message it wants to get across to its target audience, but all too often the result is crummy copy stuffed with keywords, fake reviews, plagiarized research and other such nonsense. So a few of us got together and decided to put a stop to it. We've pledged our allegiance to King Content, because we, too, hate clicking on a link only to read "best grand piano Los Angeles" five times in a paragraph. To put it plainly, we write blogs, articles, white papers and other online content. The client has a message, and we craft that message into compelling B2C or B2B content.

I'm a wordsmith, and your clients have words that need smithing. What are you looking for?

One of our larger accounts involves writing for plastic surgery practices from around the United States. We need someone to help us with writing for these practices in particular. Once you learn the ropes, we'll bring you in on other projects that involve topics that range the gamut from CrossFit to packaging design, and many others. The ideal candidate:
has experience writing online content -- bonus if it's related to medical procedures or topics;understands SEO and knows how to naturally weave keywords into text;is a grammar nerd (if you're a Grammar Girl fan, think Stephen Fry is controversial, and absolutely hate that the Oxford dictionary has changed its definition of "literally" to also mean "not literally," we want to be your friends);is a resourceful and efficient researcher who can write on whatever topic comes along;can work part time, roughly 5-10 hours a week in the beginning. As time progresses, so too will the needed hours, eventually leading to a full-time position;is a native English speaker;learns from past mistakes by incorporating edits into future writing rather than repeating the same mistakes over and over and over and...;is easy to work with (please, writing divas need not apply);shares our vision of wanting to change the online world for the better.
Are you stalking me or something? That's me, to the letter! But why should I come work with you?

I have no doubt you have plenty of choices (the best candidates do), and we're not the right choice for everyone. However, here's what we offer:We give benefits (paid vacation and sick days)!We're an "established-up," with the energy of a startup and the financial security of an established business.Work from home, the moon, or wherever you want; it doesn't matter to us. Similarly, we don't care when you work. If you get the work done within the established deadlines, we couldn't care less if you work in the morning, evening, or in a pattern of off-and-on hours that resembles the Fibonacci sequence.We want you to grow with us. Because of our young age, there's a lot of growth potential We want someone who isn't afraid of taking on the responsibilities (and rewards) required of growing a company.We're awesome. No, seriously. I don't mean to sound conceited, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a better group of people with whom to work. Nobody likes working with jerks, and a positive, friendly company culture is vital to a good working environment. Jerks need not apply!
Let's say I'm interested. How do I apply?

Great! Here's what to send:
Some sort of cover letter. This is what we'll read first to determine whether or not to read any of your attachments. Concise, unique writing from the heart will make you stand out from the crowd.Your rsum. Granted, like most companies, we'll probably briefly glance at it and then completely ignore it, preferring to instead read your written samples. But, send it anyway just so this can feel more like a "real" job inquiry.Speaking of which, send us some work samples. It's up to you how many you send. Send enough so we can properly gauge your writing ability but without flooding our mailbox.
And that's that. Want to learn more about us and make sure we're not some scam? Take a look at our site at wordsbyapro dot com.

We're looking forward to bringing you into the Words by a Pro family!

About Words by a Pro
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., Words by a Pro was established by Marek and Melissa Biernacinski as Edited by a Pro in 2010 to fulfill the founders' inherent need to edit everything in sight.

Today, Words by a Pro primarily serves as a scalable outsourced writing and editing department for Web programmers, marketing/public relations firms and SEO companies. Working with clients locally, nationally and internationally, Words by a Pro specializes in writing, editing and topic generation.

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