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Date Posted : 2015-08-17
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**can even deliver** - still on insurance for another month for towing.
Story time! Had a mechanic pull out of a repair job halfway through. Just had the lights wired and replaced some of the seatbelts. Purchase price + repairs = $1,300. Bought it as a backup car, and it did it's job very well, up until the last gamble on repairs. Got my other backup out of the shop and this was the next logical step, right? Car eats through a good four quarts of oil in a weeks worth of use and has some white smoke coming out the back, so I hired someone to do head gasket, valve cover gasket and o rings... one of the pics is those parts... one of the pics is his letter of goodbye... no spots on pavement or driveways when parked. Dude reports that he tried to put it back together but didn't have one tool required, and that the head gasket came back sound - who knows, really - I'm not a mechanic.
Pics are, car in back driveway that's been waiting 3 months for him to finish, front and back view. Box with purchased parts on top of car. Existing engine parts in back seat. Engine view under the hood, with the bolts visible on top of battery.
Transmission good, no other leaks besides oil, no overheating problem, console and dash good, all windows good (not all the window motors), muffler and exhaust systems good, no slipping on clutch, brakes good. Hatch back doesn't always stay open by itself. Have clean title. Have key. Was an upgrade for me at the time at 18 miles to the gallon, put 600-900 miles on it, didn't keep track. Ran until the day he started, all the parts that came off of it included. Purchased parts included. Battery good (though I'd love to keep it if you're gonna take the transmission and scrap the rest.) Tires hold air just fine but a bit bald - that was gonna be the next step. Might try a school's shop dept to put it back - cheap but takes time I don't have, need the driveway space and to offset price of new beater.
Gonna take too much time to repair it, and my other two cars are in the shop right now. Spending the $ I got on another beater that'll run me to work and back THIS week. Can't wait.
Will be scrapping in two weeks somewhat disassembled if no takers.
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