28-Coin 20th-Century Type Set + Bonus

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Date Posted : 2015-08-17
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Here is something unique and really special: For the first time this year I'm offering a complete 28-coin 20th-Century Type Set in a custom Capital plastic holder. The custom holder allows you to see both sides and change out/upgrade whatever coins you'd like. There is no charge for this holder and no charge for the three circulated EF Bicentennial clad coins--the "Colonial Drummer" Quarter, "Independence Hall" Half and the "Liberty Bell" Ike Dollar. In addition, I've changed out (upgraded) four of the coins from last year's listing to make this set even more exceptional and a better value. Here are the coins:

PENNIES: 1908-P EF45 Indian, 1909-P VDB AU55 Lincoln Wheat Ear, 1943-D BU Steel War Penny, and 1974-S BU Lincoln Memorial type (from a mint set).

NICKELS: 1912-P F-VF Liberty V-Nickel, 1937-S VF Buffalo, 1971-S Gem Proof Jefferson, and 1945-D Ch BU "Full Steps" War Nickel.

DIMES: 1911-P VF20 Barber, 1944-D AU58 Mercy, 1951-D BU65 toned Roosevelt Silver, and 1968-S Gem Proof Roosevelt Clad.

QUARTERS: 1913-D VG8 Barber, 1929-S VG8 Standing Liberty, 1962-P Gem Proof Washington Silver, and 1969-S Proof Washington Clad.

HALVES: 1909-P VG10 Barber, 1943-P AU55 Details Walking Liberty (lightly cleaned long ago I'm guessing; the needle-sharp details of this coin illustrate why this design is arguably second only to the Morgan Dollar in beauty), 1948-P AU55 "Full Bell Lines" Franklin (popular first year of issue), 1964-P BU 90% Silver Kennedy, 1967 BU 40% Silver Kennedy, and 1974-P BU Kennedy Clad (from a U.S. Mint type set).

DOLLARS: 1921-P AU58 Morgan (looks BU and may be, but I'm playing it conservative), 1923-P AU58 Peace (ditto), and 1974-D BU Clad Ike Dollar (from a mint set).

BONUS: 1976-S 6-Coin Gem Frosted Proof Set (pictured). All 6 coins are spotless and frosted. Condition-wise, this is as good as it gets. You can break out the three Bicentennial coins and replace the three circulated clads in your type set for real pizzazz. If not, you've got two type sets.
Lincoln Folder with 14 different early Lincolns. This set is listed and pictured separately for just $15.

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