Beware of this Bird Seller ! ! !

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Date Posted : 2015-08-17
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I recently bought a baby bird from this woman.
She said her name is Mary.. but now I realize that was probably a false name.
She makes sure to never give her last name or address.
She insisted to bring the birds for sale to a parking-lot, at night. Those lights did not reveal how sick the bird was and I bought it.
It was obvious after getting it into the light at home. You could HEAR the bird trying to breathe as it rocked forward with each breath.
The vet diagnosed SEVERE AIR SAC MITE INFECTION. . . HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and never can be totally eliminated.
The bird also had body lice and a very bruised and swollen foot.
I still have this baby and he has greatly improved, after several rounds of medical treatment and excellent diet.
I love this bird and feel it was rescued from severe neglect; more than it was purchased.
I'm posting this because I feel a moral obligation to alert others because this woman sells tons of birds ( she told me she sells mostly to hispanics). People that already have a bird; could be bringing home an infestation with her birds.
She is a very short hispanic woman, with long black hair and a giant giant mole beside her nose.
The night she met with me, she drove a large silver pickup.
She posts continuously on Criagslist and the contact number she puts always ends in 4330.

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