Bright Young Person Looking for Odd Jobs

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Date Posted : 2015-08-14
Category : Labor Moving

I'm in the process of acquiring my dream job...but it's going to be a while. so....

I'm a friendly, intelligent, attractive female with a great demeanor, can-do attitude and a means of transportation. I have almost 10 years experience in customer service & I am constantly complimented on my respectful but engaging attitude. I'm in-between employment because I left a dead-end job to get training for my dream job. The training went GREAT! But the hiring is slow.

I can apply for unemployment, but I see no reason to waste tax-payers money (my own included) when I am still able to work, even if it is odd hours. Plus, I like people & I like working!

I am available for odd jobs including, but not limited to:

* Baby-Sitting
* House Cleaning
* Jewelry Photography (you must provide camera)
* Pet Feeding
* House Sitting
* Personal Assistant
* Model (NOT Adult oriented)
* Meal Prep & Simple Cooking/baking
* Washing Cars
* Pool Skimming
* Weeding Gardens
* Walking Dogs
* Typist
* Fruit Picker
* Sign Twirler
* Walking Companion
* Delivery Gal
* Social Media Promotions
* Crab Fisherman

I can lift up to 50 pounds.
I'm not afraid of dirty, dusty, stinky jobs.
I can provide letters of reference, and a resume if necessary.
And most importantly:
I believe in the power of !
Please don't ask for me to send you a picture without informing me on the details of said job & providing contact info. Because I won't. Thank you!

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