Small Tractor Service Non Contractor Fire Clean Up

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Date Posted : 2015-08-14
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I'm offering a reduced rate for those in Rocky Fire area who have had fire damage and need some cleaning up. You can email me via craigs list or hihohiho at outlook dot com, also see (SmallTractor Work, Kelseyville Ca) on FaceBook

My small tractor 48" wide is an ASV RC-30. Google it to get better idea of what it can do. U-tube has videos of all kinds of work being done. I do tall grass, poison oak, blackberry, and small trees up to 3" diameter cutting for fire prevention. Also do dirt work digging, scraping, moving soils for gardens, landscape materials, bricks, stepping stones, cement, rocks, sand, and what ever you need moved. Can do post holes for fence post, pole barns, sign posts, etc. I can move between very narrow places like fence and building side yards. Up and down slopes that is not possible with wheelbarrow and manpower. I need to state that SOME slopes are to steep and I will NOT risk injury or death. So please be mindful when asking for me to risk it.

Rates are $100 per hour for brush grinding & mowing for lot clearing, post holes, trenching dirt digging, and MOVE dirt, sand, bark, and fork lift, etc. Also a dump trailer and 1 ton dully pickup that rents out at $10 per hour on trailer 5'x10', $20 per hour on the truck, and Driver (me) I get $30 per hour for my hauling time, plus you pay dump fees. I haul soils, road rock, bricks, firewood, AND BURNED ASH & etc,, and make some dump runs. I will not haul gas, diesel, or heating oil, paint cans, or anything considered a hazard. Also note that I'm a small tractor owner operator and NOT a laborer, carpenter, landscaper. I operate a small tractor and do many different tasks with the tractor. I work by the hour. My rates are fair and very reasonable for ROCKY FIRE survivors. If you ask me to quote a job, that quote makes me a contractor. I'm by the hour, ( Hobbs type clock onboard tractor ). If I had to quote a price for my work, it will always be higher because I do NOT want to be caught short. There are plenty of contractors who will give you a bid. That is NOT my business.

My rubber tracks are 11" wide and 6' long on the ground. That is 11 square feet on the ground. Tractor & operator weighs 3300, that is 300 pounds per square foot. An average 300 pound man has 12" long X 3" wide shoes that equal half a square foot print. That is twice the weighted foot print of the tractor. Point is, it doesn't leave much of a dent on lawns, and on the ground. I know, it's useless info until you want to move something heavy across your yard and lawn. (-: smile

I can be reached via email, please leave your name, phone number, and when is best time to return your call, AND the ADDRESS WHERE WORK IS NEEDED. Include a brief description of what type of work you would like done. Level or not, rocky or not.

I'm hired by the hour as a Non Contractor, with two hour minimum around the lake rim plus a $100 transport fee, three hour minimum up hill and away from Hwy 29, Hwy 20, Hwy 52 when I have to haul up mountains, the transport fee is $150, and three hour minimum. I shy away from out of the county work due to transportation costs.

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