Looking for a Badass with Zero Drama lol

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Date Posted : 2015-08-07
Category : Accounting Finance

I am looking for someone that can help give me some faith back into knowing there are great people out there that want to work. Someone that has pride in their work, and won't leave me hanging. That wants to see OUR business succeed -- and visually help take it to the next level. Someone that knows how to laugh and have fun while striving to knock the list of tasks down!

I am looking for someone that eats, breaths and loves excel. Someone that I can give you my insane sheets with colors and columns and your eyes don't cross, instead they glisten.

I am looking for someone that knows Quickbooks and understands that I need it to be perfect...and keep everything categorized correctly. That it's my money and there is not an acceptable 'oops' attitude. Our books aren't easy, plug and roll type transactions. This will challenge even the best, but you can and will get it mastered! :)

I am looking for someone that can call my awesome client base when a credit card expires, or when we need to check on stock and set up the paperwork to switch it out. Not sales calls (but can and would be awesome if you could), but more follow up calls that have a positive experience and result for both ends. Delivery with a smile. :)

I am looking for someone that can manage multiple online stores and inventory for all.

I am looking for someone that can take ownership of their part of the projects. Yet at the same time, request help from one of the other girls in the office when struggling and, vise versa, help them as they have a project they are struggling with. This is a team environment, not an I environment.

I am looking for someone to be a PA - get all this dang paper off my desk and let me be awesome at creating chaos for us to adjust to and go forward with. My business is in the state of a very fast moving forward growth. I need to focus on that and get the daily base of work onto someone else I can trust.

I am looking for someone that won't be grumpy with me when I ask them to fold tshirts, do some shipping or put client packets together that are perfect.

I don't need you to be awesome at Social Media, but I would like to know if you are. If you consider yourself a bit of a brain on the subject, lets hear about it.

I don't need you to be an awesome Writer, but I would like to know if you are.
I don't need you to be awesome at Graphics, but I would like to know more if you are.
I don't need you to know the inside and outs of Wordpress, but if you do, let's hear about it, or send links.

Needs to be able to use a Mac effectively
Needs to like cats :)
Needs to be a problem solver
Needs to have transportation to office in East Mesa 202 & Brown
Needs to have highspeed internet at your house for home work days

There is opportunity to travel, but not required. Working from home occasionally required, because I do travel.
Flexible office schedule working around school or being a Mom is not an issue at all. My statement to that is = we put the schedule together and you stick to it, because I have arranged my schedule around it too.

There is opportunity to expand into multiple other aspects and learn, but not required. I bet, if you are the right person for this, you will probably have that instinct and desire to grab onto more as you see what interests you.

I am looking to get your information into my inbox ASAP. I would like to meet you over the weekend or first of the week. I want to find the "right person". As you can see I have a personality. :) I want to find someone that has the same desires. Someone that can support me and our business like it is their own. Yes, you can be a workaholic, but I also want you to have a life. That is what I am striving for.

This is a ZERO drama zone. You must have thick skin and be ready to learn, work, make mistakes, fix them and move on. We don't have time to dwell around here. If your not a 'tough cookie' you ain't gonna make it. :)

So, if you think you are a badass, please email me at the address above, or is it below, IDK, just please email me. Please include your email and phone number along with ANY and ALL the Information/Links etc that you think I should know. I don't need a fancy resume with big words, I need a real person that is ready to kick butt!

And, I am serious about the Cat part, Piston & Oil run this place...lol

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