Important Paintings and Artists from Ca Usa and Europe

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Date Posted : 2015-06-28
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I have been an art collector for over 8 years and the collection grew so large that I started a business and now sell privately and on ebay. I still have more pieces than when I made that decision. ******My main ebay name is connecticutskier and my dealer's licensed name in Connecticut is usafineart. I don't have a website yet but look forward to that as I have been selling for about 4 years. I am a retired teacher with a life long interest in art despite having no talent, just admiration and a little knowledge. Check out the art on ebay under connecticutskier and collectables on my newer site, buildacollection. I have a perfect 146 rating as a buyer and a seller on connecticutskier and a 764 perfect feedback on buildacollection and I hope that you take a look at what I have for sale and read the comments by buyers. At any given time there is about 0-50% of what I have that is posted on ebay, the rest is in storage and a few pieces may never show on ebay, and a few are on loan. Ebay listings run out, the art doesn't. EVERYTHING that is for sale I personally purchased, about 90% of the art I bought bidding from the 10-12 largest largest auctions houses in the country including Sotheby's, Christie's, Doyle's and Swann in NYC, Bonhams and John Moran in CA, Hindman in Chicago, Heritage in Texas, Skinners in Boston, Rago in NJ, Freemans in Philly, Shannons in CT and Julia in Maine. A few came from Mallets, a large player in Japan and one also came from Ames and LAMA in CA and a few other auction houses. I am probably the only one ever on ebay or at any gallery to sell art, in that 100% of the pieces were previously purchased from auction houses, all personally by me. That brings some confidence that the pieces were examined by experts in their field. As a seller on ebay I have noticed many honorable sellers but also too many selling blatant fakes. The prices that I sell at would possibly be 25-400% less than what you would pay at most galleries. I have a lot of American art from mostly 1860 until now and have many California pieces and also French school pieces. I have sold three Milford Zornes w.c. and three Robert Wood oils and must say they sold so fast I knew California art would be the most popular. I have sold some European paintings and it is confounding there haven't been more because the paintings and lists of artists are impressive. Almost every painting is in good to excellent condition with no major problems with any of them. Virtually everything is framed and signed. I also have some lithographs, old and new photographs, sculptures and assemblages, abstract paintings and miniatures. ***On ebay I also am probably the only seller ever who will also give you the catalog from the auction that I bought the painting. If I bought more than one at that auction I will xerox the cover and listing page. In addition to this provenance information I will even provide to you my original auction house receipt. After years of enjoyment you or your heirs may want to sell the piece and all the information that you have will be helpful if you sell it to a person or at auction. Who else has ever done that anywhere?

Now the art! The California and Western art that I have includes the following: Two wonderful abstract Phil Dike watercolors of the beach, 3 oils by William Dorsey of the California landscape(one sold in 5/14), a Richard Taggart landscape oil, 2 Ben Abril landscapes of coastal Mendocino(one sold in 7/2014), a Charles Julius Berninghaus mountainous landscape(sold 2/15), a beautiful Paul Lauritz Sierra Mountains landscape, a Vincent Farrell colorful still life-interior-exterior view of the Laguna Beach area(sold 2/15), now 6 Larry Cohen contemporary impressionistic landscapes of the L.A. area including Castellammare, Glendale and four other L.A. views, just wonderful pieces by who I think is California's best living landscape artist, 2 Jade Fon watercolors(one sold 4/14), one of S.F. harbor and one of the city that is overall the best watercolor that I have seen of CA. I also have a Rex Brandt ocean w.c, a Paul Lauritz landscape oil, a Howard Russell oil landscape, 3 David Chapple landscapes in oil including one of a vineyard, one of the desert and one of his well known California foothills. They are oils on canvas and in order their sizes for the images are 18"x24", 24"x30" and 30"x36". Also, for sale are two excellent George Gibson w.c, 2 William Hubacek still lifes, one of yellow roses and another large one of California wildflowers, a large Paul Grimm oil painting of the mountains, a Darwin Musselman mystical coastal landscape oil, a James March Phillips coastal w.c, a Gary Ray oil of Playa Vista, a Jason Situ canyon view that is one of the best landscapes that I have ever seen, an Elmer Wachtel oil of the San Gabriel Valley and four(two sold) Carl Sammons oils of the desert. All the California art I bought from Bonhams or John Morans at the height of this recession. I also have 3 oil paintings(one sold) one lithograph by famed American abstract artist(sold 2/15), Conrad Buff, and an oil landscape of the West by one of my favorite artists, Laurence Sisson and two large excellent watercolors by AZ great, Gerald Peirce, a Marjorie Reed stagecoach oil(sold 12/14), a Barse Miller coastal watercolor(sold 1/2015) Other CA art includes and an unusual nude abstract oil by Gerald Ballaine, and a Emil Kosa SR harbor scene and an Emil Kosa JR mixed media semi-nude. ***I just purchased 6 Milford Zornes watercolors at five different auctions, four are excellent large ones. Previously, I had three other large Zornes w.c. and they all sold quickly. Zornes lived to be 100 and was extremely prolific and remains one of CA's most popular artists. His life spanned from 1908-2008 and will also be a highly collectible artist. I also recently purchased a large John Hilton desert landscape. Also newer paintings for sale are oils by George Thompson Pritchard, a fine oil by Rod Goebel, townscapes by both Theodore van Soelen and another by Max Kuehne and a mixed media by modernist Loren MacIver, 2 western watercolors by the interesting artist, Dean Porter. I also have for sale a w.c by Maurice Logan of a sturdy desert monolith and an eastern townscape by Maine artist, Ken Knowles.

CA and Western Art that I have sold: 3 large Milford Zornes landscape watercolors, all I bought at Bonhams, 3 Robert W Wood oils all from Bonham, 4 Carl Sammons desert oils also from Bonhams. All these I bought at the depths of the recession. I also sold 3 Ben Abril oils landscapes, a Ralph Love desert oil, three John Botz acrylics, 4 excellent landscape oils by William Dorsey an outstanding watercolor by William Lees Judson watercolor, a Charles Julius Berninghaus landscape, an Edgardo Coghlan Mexican market place mixed media, a Robert Watson surrealist oil, 2 Paul Grimm oils of a canyon, and another oil of the San Jacinto Mountains, numerous watercolors and prints by Jessie Arms Botke and husband Cornelis Botke and personal letters by J.A.B to the Santa Paula Museum, two Paul Lauritz landscape oils and a landscape watercolor. Some paintings by other American or foreign artists that I have sold to happy art owners is "Le Consul," by Ludwig Bemelmans, a landscape oil by Guy Bardone, a landscape oil by Jonathan Ferguson Weir, a fantasy animal oil by Gustavo Novoa, landscapes oil by Angelina Drumaux and James Fitzgerald, four watercolors, signed with a drawing biographical book and a Florida drawing by one of the great international artists, David Burliuk, and 2 abstract acrylic paintings by Robert Natkin, and paintings by other contemporary artists, Robert Watson and Rodolpho Abularach.

Other artists that I have paintings by are Reginald Marsh, a w.c. of NYC and an oil nude, a Jean Dufy female portrait I have never put on ebay, a Raoul Dufy catalogued gouache of flowers on a black background, a Bonnard lithograph and other lithographs from Horter, Dehn, Op Art King, Victor Vasarely(sold all three), Jennifer Bartlett(sold) and 6 after Pu Qua engravings printed in about 1820 in England. I have paintings by some famous French School artists such as oils by Louis Valtat and Marcel Gromaire, both in their catalogs raisonne and purchased at Sotheby's NYC, two wonderful landscapes of a boulevard(sold) and beach scene by Belgian Angelina Drumaux(1881-1959), a Francois Gall landscape oil, a Jean Jansem oil of ballerinas at rest, Constantin Kluge large oil landscape of Corsica(sold), a gorgeous Hugues Claude Pissarro village scene, a Takanori Oguiss landscape. He is the true giant of Asians who did mostly impressionistic art, a Guy Bardone oil of Sicily(sold 2/25/14), Roland Oudot w.c.of Brittany(sold), a Yvonne Canu pointilist seascape-landscape. Recent purchases include a Venice watercolor/gouache by American master Francis Hopkinson Smith, a large abstract watercolor by Paul Jenkins, an oil abstract by Yutaka Ohashi and an excellent abstract still life by Sterling Boyd Strauser. Also I bought a painting that had been restored by the San Francisco Museum of Art and might be the first known painting by the eventual impressionistic great master artist, Willard Metcalf, who painted the oil at 17. I bought every painting during this recession and have been diligent in seeking paintings in fine condition, signed and framed, almost all by artists well listed, with various auction house records and written about in multiple books and with art in museums. 5/14 I recently purchases a Venice watercolor by Alberto Proscodimi, and a panoramic oil by Hudson School artist Edmund Coates.

Other artists include oil paintings by Lyme School artists Henry Ward Ranger and two by Walter Griffin(one is a coveted pastel actually,)an oil by famed American Andrew Schwartz, Albert Bloch oil landscape, two w.c. by "one of the heirs of Canaletto," of Venice, Emanuele Brugnoli, a nude oil by outstanding U.S. artist, Dan Gerhartz, Canadian-American great Rolph Scarlett abstract landscape gouache(sold), and another one abstract, a tempera/casein painting by extremely famous Raymond Jonson whose art has been featured on antiques Road Show and is On You Tube, a still life oil painting by the very famous American artist, Jack Tworkov. There are many more pieces including a large kinetic sculpture of Wall Street by Fredrick Prescott. I also have some old albumen photographs by the famous Frank Sutcliffe and some artists' proofs by CA's Cay Lang of flowers, I hope that you write and/or check the connecticutskier site. There are about 100 other paintings including 3 still lifes by French master, Raoul De Longpre, an oil still life by the unique Fletcher Martin and other paintings as well. I do have many watercolors at low prices by Joseph Newman and from anonymous artists from Europe, including French artists, from at least 1832 to 1920. They are the best group of paintings that I have ever seen at auction by mostly anonymous artists. Other notable artists and their art include a mixed media by Loren MacIver, various signed and unsigned engravings and etchings by French master artist, Jean-Emile Laboureur, landscape oils by Stanley Ekman, Alexander Farnham, F.W. Proctor, famed American Richard Hayley Lever, a museum quality oil genre/landscape by Abbott Fuller Graves, a neighborhood oil by Maine artist Ken Knowles, a Victorian genre/landscape by Brit George Norman-Parsons, a marine watercolor battle scene by Frank Henry Mason, a large oil by Greek abstract expressionist Yannis Maltezos, an interesting large landscape oil by Hudson River artist, Edmund Coates, a mixed media landscape by another Hudson River school artist, Edmund Darch Lewis, excellent abstracts by deceased artists Richard Marc and Claude Venard(still live) and an abstract oil with a musical theme by Georges Terzian. Also I have a painting by the American Taos School artist, Raymond Jonson. Also for sale are two cityscapes of New York City by Anthony Springer, also a gouache/collage by famed Vietnamese artist Dang Xu Hoa. Also I have original etching plates by Roi Partridge, one of CA's finest lithographers. Rick

Most of the first 12 paintings that should show are by CA and western artists but I have many paintings by other American artists and foreign based artists, especially French School

Updated: 6/6/15

1 Charles J. Berninghaus(1905-1988). Berninghaus is one of the West's(Taos school) true impressionists. This is a mid sized O/C excellent condition, framed and signed, probably of CA.*****This just sold 3/12/15
2 Ben Abril(1923-1995) This mid-sized O/C is of sleepy Mendocino, beautiful in good condition, a cleaning would help. Abril is famous for landscapes and L.A, areas lost to urban renewal.
3 Carl Sammons(1883-1968) Prolific landscape artist in oils and a few w.c. This is a framed small O/C in exc. condition sold with another O.C. by Sammons Many thought Sammons was the best in desert flowers which the other oil has.
4 Andrew Schwartz(1867-1942) Outstanding American artist known more for murals and eastern landscape mountains. This mid sized oil is an O/C in exc. condition and does have a mural feeling, probably of the Adirondack Mountains in NY state.
5 Georges Terzian(1939- ) French based Terzian in recent years, and now in his 70's, has found himself to be one of the world's hottest artists. Most of his abstracts are similar with often a musical theme. This O/C is framed, mid sized and in excellent condition.
6 David Chapple(1947- )CA artist known for landscapes, often of the CA hills, vineyards, etc. This is a great vista O/C, framed and large at 30"x24"
7 Alexander Bower(1875-1952) is an American artist. This gorgeous landscape is extremely well composed and in good condition. Bower painted the West before settling in Maine. Oil on canvas image is 18"x22" an excellent size for almost any wall.
8 Phil Dike(1906-1990) Dike is one of the greatest 20th century artists, famed for his California landscapes and genre, from impressionistic style to abstract. He worked in oils and w.c.and gouache or pastel. This desirable beach view is large at 22"x30" beautifully newly framed.
9 Paul Lauritz(1889-1976) Lauritz is another outstanding CA landscape artist. This richly painted view of the Sierra Mountain region is one of my favorites. It's an oil in canvas, image 18"x24"
10 Raoul DeLongpre(1843-1911) He and his brother Paul set the standard for realism and their study of botany aided their incredibly detailed still lifes, almost always in gouache and/or watercolor. This gouache is gorgeous and has a major auction house and Spanierman's provenance. I have two others by this special artist.
11 Conrad Buff(1889-1975)Buff was a prolific artist of the West. His early paintings of somewhat abstract work with dashes and realism I think are some of the finest landscapes ever of the West. His latter works are quite abstract such as this. This an oil on canvas.
12 Emanuele Brugnoli(1894-1944)He is a famous painter of just Venice, almost all in watercolor such as this mid sized piece. There is a book about him and Fabio Mauroner, titled the "The Heirs of Canaletto," who was the great Venice artist of several centuries ago.
13 Fletcher Martin, American oil painting pineapple-symbol of hospitality, great for any home
14 Albert De Rome Californian oil painting Santa Cruz Mountains. DeRome is a major CA artist
15 Angelina Drumaux Belgian oil painting Normandy landscape oil painting
16 Alexander Dzigurski American oil painting of the ocean amidst rocky coast, his forte
17 Jean Dufy French mixed media I also have a watercolor by Raoul Dufy.
18 Jade Fon Woo Californian large watercolor of SF gorgeous, unframed
19 Willard Metcalf American 1875 Possibly the first known painting by this giant in US art history
20 Walter Griffin Lyme School artist, oil painting of French farm
21 David Halbach(sold 12/14)American, gouache of WWI Sopwith Pup built in Britain for WWI
22 Yutaka Ohashi American abstract in oil. Google this fine artist and Kenzo Okada.
23 Larry Cohen oil of Glendale view. I think Cohen is one of the finest living CA landscape artists
24 Barse Miller(sold 1/15) California watercolor of CA coast. Check Askart for Miller's credentials.

Ask about these other 12 paintings and the last 12 if interested. None of these 24 paintings are a few hundred dollars and didn't cost me a few hundred. These paintings are by American artists and a few European artists. The prices vary quite a bit. Most are oils and a few are watercolor or mixed media.

Send any questions about these paintings and about 150 others I have for sale, all bought at auction and almost all from the 12 largest auction houses in the country. I have all the receipts and most catalogs which I will forward after purchase and an acknowledgement that you are totally satisfied. Ebay has one good rule and if you aren't satisfied the buyer pays to ship back the painting, fully insured by UPS Ground. I also have signed lithographs by Pierre Bonnard, Adolf Dehn, Earl Horter, and lithographs and drawings by French master, Jean-Emil Laboureur. I do have many watercolors less that $100, possibly all done by French artist circa 1832-1920. Some are signed and/or dated, French words are on some of them. These are all nice unframed pieces, not the usual junk seen at auction lots if 4-6 pieces. There is a print or two in there as some drawings and washes. I also have a kinetic sculpture and some assemblages.

Please write me here as on ebay the prices would be higher with all their fees.

Paintings never listed on ebay and/or recently purchased are a large watercolor by the famed American artist, Paul Jenkins, a Morris Broderson bullfight themed watercolor, a Takanori Oguiss Onjuku landscape oil, a Grigori Gluckmann nude in oil, a excellent Venice watercolor-gouache by Francis Hopkinson Smith and dozens of others including a David Burliuk still live oil and a unique and large oil painting by Hudson River artist, Edmund Coates, three watercolors by Californian James Milford Zornes, two abstract acrylics by Robert Natkin(sold). I have nudes, landscapes, genre and still lifes by some of the world's most listed artists, most have paintings in multiple well known museums, a large watercolor by CA master from the past Lorenzo Latimer, a w.c. by Theodore van Soelen, an abstract "family portrait" by Jesus Leuus, and others I don't recall off hand as I am always buying and sometimes selling.

The Lorenzo Latimer piece is the largest watercolor that I have seen by him and it has a gorgeous new frame and double matting. It's a special wc painting. You might ask for images of the 6 Larry Cohen oils of the LA area. They are all midsized or large landscapes with the typical sparse frames that he uses.

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