Child Care in your home 24/7 (you suggest your own price)

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Date Posted : 2013-10-03
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I have a 23month year old girl that is a requirement to come with me while baby sitting or watching your child(ren). No age limit on the child(ren). I can cook(homemade chicken pot pie, baked fish and rice, homemade chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwiches, salmon patties, potato salad, tuna sandwiches, chicken fruit salad sandwiches, the list goes on and if you would like l can make a recipe for yours kids that you would like them to have for the day for me to provide the meals it would cost more but if you have food in your kitchen for your kids I can cook it for them.) and teach kids how to read, write, do math, etc. I have taught my 23month year old to read and sign some words. She knows colors, how to count to 10, and shapes too! I can prove it all by having her show you or sending you videos. I can also drive your kids to the park if you would like, I have never had a car accident and will not talk on the phone or text while driving. I don't drink or smoke and will not judge you if you do but if you smoke or drink around your kids I will judge you, but will try not to say anything, just being honest :). I will speak properly around your kids no goo goo gaa gaas, I believe that limits their speech later on in life and holds them back. My name is Nicole and my daughters name is Zoey. I have experience with all ages but only 4 years of experience. I promise, you will be satisfied with how excited your children will be about their visit with me as their Nanny, they will be excited to tell you about all they have learned with Zoey and I. I encourage fun songs for the littel ones(please let me apologize before hand if your kids complain about my terrible singing voice, but I believe children songs help with their growing minds especially educational songs). For the older ones, I have washable paint(washes out of everything). I try to turn every opportunity into a learning lesson but, make sure it's fun for the kids and or preteens. Please feel free to mold me into the best Nanny for your family. Every family is different(bed times, meal times, how much TV and or video games, rules) If you would like I can even text you or email you updates on how your children are doing and what activity we are doing or will be doing next, if you would like picture messages of your children doing the activities or short 30second video clips I can send those to you as well and will delete after they are sent to you. I do keep off of my phone as much as possible(I want to focus my time on your children and like to stay professional, there is no need for me to have conversations with my freind's while I am working. My response may be delayed by an hour at times because I will be busy having fun activities with your child(ren).
I clean up messes the child(ren) make and if I nanny during their bed time I will clean any extra that may need cleaning.
Please feel free to email me(I don't check my email everyday), text, or call me with any questions or a price that would fit into your budget

Call or text any time at 478-320-0467

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