re; why are you ignoring Cairo? (disgusted with dems)

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Date Posted : 2013-08-17
Category : Politics

Big media is ignoring Cairo? What media are you talking about? It's on the front page of every paper I've seen most of the week. National networks are leading with it most nights and cable news is all over it. You need to pay better attention and just stop with the knee-jerk - oh my God the media is trying to keep this form us, it's a liberal plot, automatic reaction.

As far as Obama putting the Muslim Brotherhood in power - that's as big a lie as your media paranoia. They were elected in an open election by the people of Egypt. Our country, and a few others, helped the people get Mubarak out and then let them have elections.

Every country in that part of the world is a train wreck. We need to back out and let them be the crazies that they are, because after almost 100 years of trying to tame this area (in the name of Israel and oil), we haven't accomplished a dam thing - except to make everyone hate us and deplete our treasury.

I know this is just another thing you can easily blame on Obama, it's what you live for, but all the saber rattling Republicans who want to go in to yet another middle eastern country are what they usually are - chicken hawks. And you know that had Obama moved in at the begining of violence in Cairo and put troops in, that the same Republicans and their sheep on CL would be calling for impeachment and saying we shouldn't be involved.

Give it a rest, we can see right through you and it's getting boring.

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