Exp. Female Classic Rock/Blues Vocalist Available for Working Band

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Date Posted : 2013-08-02
Category : Musicians

I am an experienced female lead/backup singer and I have fronted several bands.

I am on Facebook: Karie P. Schneider.

I have recently moved to Hagerstown and I am looking for a job singing in a band that has been established and gigging for a while. I have years of stage experience, and have sung male and female leads and harmonies, acoustic and electric, for years. I can sing in just about any key as long as it is not too low. I am an experienced band manager and musician promoter, wedding emcee, event planner, caterer, and press kit builder. I will bring my skills to the band who is kind enough to hire me. I love the buisness of music.

I am not now in a band. I don't have to be a lead singer.....I think the more people who sing in a band the better. I am happy to stand in the back and harmonize. Besides, the lead guitar player is always the star, anyway, as it should be. LOL.

I do not play any instrument well enough to perform with a band or on my own.

I have no children at home, no pets, and no plants to see to or drag around. I own my own reliable transportation. I no longer work outside the home....I have a lifelong military pension. I am available 24/7 to audition, rehearse, and gig. I am available to travel. I am single and sober.

I have sung mostly Classic Rock, Classic Top 40, and hard rock. I am a rocker. I can sing Jazz and Country, but I have very littel experience doing so. I do not yet know Country and Jazz Standards. I am willing to learn anything, though. I just want to sing and perform again.

I love to rehearse. I get as much pleasure out of rehearsal as playing out. The magic is in the music.

To hear my voice, please go to Youtube...."Golden Sound Studio" and find the video entitled "The Walk", with all the people in purple shirts. I appear in this video as "Karie Naquin". I was married then. I wrote that song and it became the theme song for the 2008 and 2009 National Walk For Epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation heard my song and wanted it and sent us to the studio to record it. I sing lead on it... they did absolutely nothing to my vocal track to fix it, so it is warts and all. It is anthemic.....very straight-foward.....designed to be sung by thousands of people at once....all the people singing and dancing in the video are singing my song. I did not sing backup. I am not happy with the backup vocals or other things, but by that time I no longer owned the song and I had no say in the matter. In the video I am the one in the grey coat behind Greg Grunberg. I have lost many many pounds since then! LOL.

I am available starting today. (:

I am 53 but I look 50.

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