Purebred Red-sided Eclectus parrot for rehome

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Date Posted : 2013-06-21
Category : Pets

I purhcased a Red-sided eclectus form a breeder about four months ago and he has been wonderful. unfortunatly a difficult family situation may require me to rehome him because of financial matters. I love him very much so I'm not looking for a quick sale. I want to gague interest in him and see if anyone out there can provide him with a truely good home. He and his cage, toys, and supplies cost me well over $3,000. He's a purebred bird with excellent health and breeding. I want the very best for him, and I fear I can no longer provide that. If we could anticipate disaster, I'd not have purchased him yet. I feel terrible about rehoming him.I would need a guarantee of your knowlege and concern for parrots if you are interested. If you are deemed to be the best home for him, you will get everything I have involving parrotkeeping. A huge, 6ft. tall cage; a travel cage; a T-stand; at least $300 worth of toys and equipment; a special clean-feeder; my books on parrotkeeping; and of course, my littel gentleman.To insure your seriousness, I am asking a minimum of $1,000 rehoming fee. This is much less than I actually paid to adopt him. He is fully weaned, eats a fresh fruit and veggie mash diet, and is freindly and has never bitten. The only time he has ever made loud noise is during car rides. His usual call is a soft "honk." He knows how to step up well and is very inquisitive and personable once he gets to know you, despite his age.He is just a baby. I was hoping to have him for a very, very long time. Please, only serious inquiries.

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