Quail Coop Starter Kit

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Date Posted : 2013-06-21
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We've gotten into quail and want to help spread the quail love. With our coop we promise incredible sturdiness, and a happy set up for homing happy littel plump quail. These are built to withstand the elements for many years, not something the season's first storm is going to knock to the ground.

We can do smaller packages and are flexible with customizing these to your needs, just send us a message with what you're looking for.

Our most requested coop stands 3' above ground (this can be adjusted for the tall and small!) Fully enclosed with 1/2" hardware around the sides and doors and 1/4" along the bottom for tiny feet. No greedy paws or snakes can make their way in to your babies. 10' long and 4' deep, this is perfect for housing up to 30 quail comfortably. 4 doors accross the front for easy access, and two along the back for clean up and better retrieval of eggs.
Also included:
-2 large nesting boxes, each 2' long and 14" deep
-1 sandbox, 2' x 2' (you will want this, quail are crazy about their sandbaths, increases egg production, cleanliness, and happiness)
**30, day-old coturnix quail can be included free with the purchase of the above coop but 4 weeks care in a brooder will be neccessary before integrating them into the new coop**
$1200, includes price of materials + labor. Delivery and set-up within 40 miles for free. Upfront payment for materials is neccessary, then labor cost once set up on your home.

Call/Text/Email for questions or more infomation
(919) 841-6667 after 5 pm for Anna ( ?'s on raising coturnix quail)
(919) 841-6661 John ( ?'s on coop features, development)

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