Pokemon Bong For Sale: 100% Glass Custom Etched W/Adapter

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Date Posted : 2013-04-13
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POKEMON BONG FOR SALE: 100% Glass, Custom Etched W/Adapter

I am selling this Pokemon-themed bong because I don't smoke and I need it out of the house (it has never been used). My freind is a bong artist, and this was one of his prototypos that he gave to me. The bong is made of glass and has been professionally etched with humourous pictures of Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu along with the "Pokemon" Logo Title at the bottom of the neck. The bong comes with a "Porta-Bong" downstem/adapter, but if you don't like it the hole in the bong will fit any standard downstem. The "Porta-Bong" adapter/downstem seems to be more convenient according to some freinds, but whatever works I guess.

Lightweight, portable, compact (the bowl isn't heavy)
Smaller tubing makes for more efficient filtering (many smaller bubbles have a greater surface area in water than one larger bubble)
Glass bowl is designed so that it can be lit in windy conditions
Easy to light glass bowl without burning yourself (with most glass bowls they are so thick that you have to hold the lighter at a 90 degree angle and sometimes you burn yourself)
freinds say that they even prefer it over their bongs downstems because it's so easy to "rip"
Easy to clean (the small pipe can be cleaned with a pipe-cleaner, material does not tend to "stick" in the bowl, and other areas to clean are easy to access and reach)

Reply or text me at 805-915-7065. I usually like to meet up somewhere nearby like the Tapo Canyon Shopping Center, the shopping center that has Target/The Dollar Tree/Trader Joes/McDonalds/Panera Bread, or maybe the shopping center with Radio Shack/Taco Bell/Joanns/Blockbuster in Simi (but we can discuss this).

Yeah, yeah, had to put this in here. These are "herb bongs" and are only supposed to be used to smoke fragrant herbs and maybe tobacco will work. Whatever you do with your bong is none of my buisness, but I'm just telling you that these bongs are "not designed to be drug paraphernalia." It's sort of like fertilizer -- yeah, it could probaly be used to make explosive materials, but that's not the intent of the item. remeber, have fun and make sure to get realy high
grades in school, follow the law, and be a respectable citizen!

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