Good size Desert Plants Cholla Walking Stick Cactus and Agave

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Date Posted : 2013-04-06
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We acquired these last year with a plan to build a second rock garden( we already have one rock garden) but changed our minds last minute.

-Walking stick cactus, also known as cholla. It is about 22 inches at its tallest point(not including the pot of course) and 9 inches wide. Selling for $30
It eventually gets these fruit or flowers(not sure wich one) at the endpoints. I have no idea how old it has to be to get flowers. So far it has not gotten any but it is somewhere between 2-4 years old(I'm just not sure how old it was when I got it. I've had it for a year and it almost doubled in size). The last two pictures are examples of how it could possibly look when it gets older I found on the internet of how it looks when its blooming. I honestly don't know if this one would get yellow or pink flowers.

-Agave. It is about 9 inches at its tallest point (not including the pot) and 15 inches wide. Selling for $13

PRICES ARE FIRM. If you take both I will sell you for $40.

Both of these are just waiting to be put on the ground. They will get a burst of growth once they are no longer constrained by the pot.

If I was selling both of these plants in smaller pots with crappy dirt I would be selling them for less. These plants are in a good amount of a good special desert plant mix I make myself. You will just have to make good size hole to fit entire pot size and the plop plant in. You won't have to go buy any special dirt for these to make sure they thrive. Just make sure you plant where they get sun at least for half a day. Desert plants thrive in this soil mix and I have a rock garden up at the front of the house you can check out to see how well those are doing.

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