Hrs-805 Vanderbach Home Theater System

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Date Posted : 2013-04-04
Category : Electronics By Owner

I bought this box of HRS-805 Vanderbachs brand new on PandaHi a couple of months ago and never used them so they are in mint condition.
I paid $60 and have no problem taking $30. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on an unused box of real life white van scam speakers for next to nothing.
Open them up and see exactly what's in there. Are the speakers real? A/B them next to your speakers and write a review at audioreview dot com. Why are they so reviled? I was going to do that and lost interest. I literally couldn't care less, bigger fish to fry now.
I tried to sell these before and got a bunch of hate mail. Think people, I'm selling these for $30. In what universe would that make me a scammer? How bad at scamming would I have to be to disclose they are scam speakers and ask for a price that doesn't even cover the trouble of wading through an inbox full of real scam mail and then meeting up (short drive only) with a buyer?
And please, I absolutely will not answer emails that conform to the standard scam template. If you include the area of Austin in wich you hang out (north, south...), and tell me flat out that you want to buy van scam speakers, I will contact you. All others? Deleted as scam mail.

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