Raw Artist Scam!!!!!

Posting ID : B1013027187
Date Posted : 2013-03-28
Category : Creative Gigs

They want you, a talented artist, to bring your art to their show, so they can charge moneyfor people to come look at it. The scam is that they want YOU to do their job by selling x amount of tickets for them. Nobody who comes there to those art shows is anybody who mtters- everybody there is either already an artists (because they have their art there), or they are just freinds of the other artists who only came because it's their freind's or kids or spouses 'first art exhibition'. When in reality, it isnt even a real art exhibition- it's just a way for RAW to hype you up, and get you to sell their tickets for them.

If you have ANY respect for yourself, do not do it!!!!!

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