Various Transmission Cables ~ New in Ford packaging

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Date Posted : 2013-03-26
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I have several transmission cables available for automatic (and a very few standard) FORD transmission applications. Most of the cables are 45.00 each and I can ship them to you for 15.00 anywhere in the US. The Ford part number is shown followed by the qty I have, then the car it fits and lastly...what the cable typo is. Quantities are limited...The following is available:

Qty. Application typo
E7AZ-74042-A187-91 grand marquis/crown vic/towncar Throttle valve cable
F1SZ-74042-B189-93 cougar/ T- bird Throttle valve cable
E6TZ-7A187-D187-96 econoliner (all) 86-96 bronco Kick down cable
E7S7-7A187-A587-93 mustang 87-89 T-bird Kick down cable
F09Z-7A187-A190-97 aerostar Kick down cable
E6DZ-7A477-A486-88 taurus/ sable 5spd manual transmission cable
E9DZ-7A477-A189-91 taurus/ sable 5spd manual transmission cable
E3DZ-7E395-A1????????????????? Shift cable
E5SZ-7E395-A185-86 cougar/ T-bird Shift cable
E75Z-7E395-A187-88 cougar/ T-bird Shift cable
E85Z-7E395-A387-88 T-bird Shift cable
E8DZ-7E395-A186-90 taurus/ sable/ contour Shift cable
E92Z-7E395-A189-92 probe Shift cable
F0DZ-7E395-A190 taurus/ sable Shift cable
F0VY-7E395-B190-92 grand marquis/ crown vix/ towncar Shift cable
F29Z-7E395-A192-97 aerostar Shift cable
F2UZ-7E395-A192-96 econoliner van Shift cable
F2UZ-7E395-B192-96 econoliner van Shift cable
F2UZ-7E395-D192-96 econoliner van Shift cable
F3OY-7E395-A192-94 continental Shift cable
F3TZ-7E395-A193-94 explorer/ ranger Shift cable
F3TZ-7E395-C292-95 F150,250,350/ bronco Shift cable
F3TZ-7E395-D292-96 F150,250,350 Shift cable
F3UZ-7E395-A192-96 econoliner van Shift cable
F4XY-7E395-A193-95 villager Shift cable
F5AZ-7E395-A195 gand marquis/ crown vic/ towncar Shift cable
F5RZ-7E395-A195-96 contour/mystique Shift cable
F6CZ-7E395-AA197-99 escort/ tracer Shift cable
F85Z-7E395-BA5098 f150,250/ expedition Shift cable
R3VY-7E395-A192-93 grand marquis/ crown vic/ towncar Shift cable
E6AZ-7FO42A386 grand marquis/ crown vic/ towncar Throttle valve cable
E7AZ-7F042-A487 grand marquis/ crown vic/ towncar Throttle valve cable
F1CZ-7FO42-BA391 escort/ tracer Throttle valve cable
E9SZ-7F042-A189-93 cougar/ T- bird/ continental Throttle valve cable
E8DZ-7F0YZ-B188-90 taurus/ sable/ continental control crossover
E7HZ-7R377-A287-93 Bus/ F600,700,800,900 control crossover
E6DZ-7W051-A186-88 taurus/ sable control crossover

For infomation or to buy them, please call Mike at 405-236-4800 M-F 8-5
Or you can email this post. Thanks so much

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