140 Vintage Ceramic Molds 1960s-80s Duncan Alberta's Heirloom Twila

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140 VINTAGE CERAMIC MOLDS 1960s-80s Duncan Alberta's

FOR SALE: About 140 Vintage Molds in 14 boxes (some big some small). form the 60s to the 80s. Most are in wonderful shape. Looks like some have never been used. This a steal for these hard to find vintage molds worth thousands.

Ceramic Mold Companies: Duncan, Alberta's, Heirloom, Twila, Wilson, Cricket, Kimple, Gare, Scioto, Riverview, Doc Holliday, and others.

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!
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1.Duncan Enterprises: Pair of Ducks 1967
2.Alberta's: #A-100 Sg base
3.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Floral Bud Vase 1976, Fresno, CA Code 5
4.Heirloom: Santa Bell
5.Duncan Enterprises: TM41 1976
6.Duncan Enterprises: TM42 1976
7.Byron: Willoughby
8.Twila Parks
9.Alberta's: Ray Mompier 1980 Mouse
10.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Shepherd, Wiseman & Donkey, Fresno, CA Code 11C 1972

1.Duncan Ceramic Production Inc: Holly Saucer DM No. 329 1970 Code 6
3.Angel playing harp
4.Mistle Toe Saucer
5.Alberta's Molds Inc: 1983
6.Alberta's: Bear ornament
7.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: 1975 TM4
8.Duncan Ceramic Products: DM-709 Ceramicub jewlry (produces one pendant and two earrings
9.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Valentine Box w/lid 1972 Fresno, CA Code 12A
10.Duncan Enterprises: TM42 1976
11.Duncan Ceramic Products: DM-337B Nut Boxes
12.Alberta's Student Casting Mold: #A-237 Teddy Bear Christmas Tree Ornament
13.Duncan Ceramic Products: Drinking Cup Keep on Truckin'

1.Alberta's Molds Inc: Baby Jesus 1977
2.Wilson: Birds
3.Alberta's: #A-65 Rocking Horse
4.Alberta's Molds Inc: 1976
5.Alberta's: #A-289 Mouse Clown 1982
6.Alberta's: #A-39 Elf 1975
7.Wilson: Bunnies
8.Alberta's: #A-237 Bear ornament 1980
9.Alberta's: Patricia Ann Monpier Baby Deer 1977
10.Alberta's: Baby lamb 1977
11.Duncan Enterprises: HM117 Pill Boxes
12.Alberta's: #A-59 Mouse in Stocking and Santa Hat 1976
13.Jay Kay Mold, etc.

1.Scioto Ceramic Prod. Inc: 968 Six Eggs, Ohio 1985
2.Two Elephants
3.Alberta's Molds Inc: #A-301 Heart Frame 1982
4.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Camel Standing 1972 DM No.485
5.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Pumpkin Container DM.N. 392 1971 Code 16

1.Alberta's Molds Inc: Vase 1978
2.Alberta's: #A-102 Frame
3.Duncan Enterprises: Keep on Truckin' Bath Set Soap Dish 1985
4.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Large Bunny Family DM No. 106A 1967
5.Alberta's Molds Inc: #A-337W Angel Playing Flute 1983
6.Alberta's: #A-363 Mike Beauchamp Rabbit and Baby 1983
7.Duncan Enterprises: Heart Shaped Box DM456A 1976
8.Kimple: Boy & Girl
9.Duncan Enterprises: Small Praying Hands 1976
10.Alberta's: #A-31 Fraser Campbell Christmas Tree
11.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Holly Cup 1970 DM No. 328
12.Round Box 1981

1.Rocking Horse TM44
2.Cricket Mold Co: 16 Ounce Necklaces J-28
4.Santa Clause
5.Duncan Enterprises: Cottontail Bunny 1980 DM-285A
6.Small Vase
7.Duncan Enterprises: Winter Scene Ornaments DM-52C 1979
8.Duncan Enterprises: Pill Boxes 1976 HM117

1.Heart Dish 103-A
2.Alberta's: Boy Angel Praying 1977
3.Alberta's: Skiing Mouse 1980
4.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Medium Grape Leaf DM No. 256 1966
5.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Xmas Tree Tray DM No. 202A 1967
6.Duncan Enterprises: Bird TM36 1976
7.Provincial Mold: Swans
8.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Traditional Candlestick DM No. 297A
9.Alberta's Molds Inc: #A-300W Heart Box 1982

1.Duncan Enterprises: Wee Kids Ornaments 1 DM-536B 1960
2.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 134B Nativity Set 1964
4.Alberta's Molds Inc: Twila Cat 1970
5.Alberta's Molds Inc: Snowman 1970
6.Kimple Mold Corp: Ghost 1978
7.Alberta's Molds Inc; Candle 1976
8.Alberta's: #A-124 Mouse in Matchbox
9.Alberta's Molds Inc: #A-226 Kissing Mouse 1980
10.Alberta's Molds Inc: Rocking Horse
11.Alberta's Molds Inc: #A-52 Alice in Wonderland 1976
12.Duncan Enterprises: TM34 Christmas Tree 1976
13.Alberta's Molds Inc: #A-59 Mouse in Stocking 1976
14.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 134-C Nativity Set 1964
15.Duncan Enterprises: DM-546B Wee Kids Ornaments 2 1980
16.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM-228A Keep on Truckin' Bath Set - Toothbrush Holder 1985
17.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM no. 134-C of Nativity Set 1964

1.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 482 Two Shepherds Standing w/Sheep 1972
2.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 480 Wisemen Standing with ? 1973
3.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 484 Lying Camel & Cow 1972

1.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 134-J of Nativity Set 1964
2.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 134-A of Nativity Set 1964
3.Yozie 1522 Squash
4.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 134-B of Nativity Set Two Camels 1964
5.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 134-A of Nativity Set 1964
6.Gare Inc: L-549 Boy & Dog 1980
8.Two bears & Duck

1.Bell Mold: Flower Bells
2.Duncan Enterprises: DM-824 Caroling Bear Ornaments #1 1985
3.Jay-Kay Molds: Large Electric Burner Cover
4.Doc Holliday Mold: Christmas Tree 1983
5.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 231 Chocolate Cup 1965
6.Round something mold
7.Jamar Mallory: 7-46 Flower
8.TM40 House

1.Girl Angel
2.Alberta's Molds Inc: Handle 1980
3.Alberta's Molds Inc: #A-199 Chicken & Chicks 1980
4.Alberta's Student Casting Mold: #A-164 Mouse with Broken Ornament 1979
6.Alberta's Molds Inc: Dish with something 1978
7.Balloon Lady
8.Boy & Girl Hummell 829
9.Wilson #599 Swans
10.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 453 Walnut Dish w/Lid 1973
11.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: Three Vases 1966
12.Sheep, Cow, Donkey, Angel, 6 Men

1.Scioto Ceramic Prod. Inc: 7" Duck 1986 S-1136
2.Busy Bee Geese
3.Cricket Mold: Clown
4.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: TM16 Snail 1975
5.Taco Caddy 223
6.Alberta's Molds Inc: Basket Dish 1980
7.Riverview Molds Inc: Straw Reefs #450 1987
8.Cricket Mold: Clown
9.Ceramichrome inc: C-1635 Bear in Hat things 1986
10.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM-818B Classical Dove Figurine

1.Duncan Enterprises: DM-170C Formal Dinnerware Salt & Pepper Shakers 1980
2.Duncan Enterprises: DM-793 Country Geese Lid Topper 1985
3.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM-825 Caroling Bear Ornaments #2
4.Alberta's: #A-106 Round Box w/Lid
5.Duncan Ceramic Prod. Inc: DM No. 205 Multi Purpose Bowl 1965
6.Scioto Ceramic Prod. Inc: 6" Sitting Duck 1986
7.Angel, Bird, Bear, Rabbit, Swan, Cactus, Bowl, ect.

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