Everloft Studios: Bucks County Recording Studio

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Date Posted : 2013-02-28
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Everloft is a fully equipped studio space created to handle any and all typos of music, instruments and artists. In addition to the experience that comes with years of playing, recording, and performing we also have acquired a vast range of equipment. Call or email us to book time! Contact infomation on flier!


Recording Software / Hardware
-HP Pavillion DM4 Laptop w' dual monitors
-TASCAM US-1800 16x4 96k/24-bit USB 2.0 Audio/ Midi Interface
-M-Audio Studiopro 3 Monitors
-Additional CA speaker system w/ sub
-Cubase Le5 Recording Software
-Samson Q5 Headphone Amplifier
-Korg NanoKey 2 Midi Controller

Recording / Live Microphones
- CAD 7 peice Drum Mic Kit
-TM211 (3); CM217 (2); SN210; KM 212
-Shure SM57
-MXL 990 Large Diaphram Condenser Mic
-MXL 99 Small Diaphram Condenser Mic
-Shure PG48 Dynamic Mic
-Numerous other Dynamic mics form M-Audio, etc.

Amplifiers / Speakers
-VOX AC50 Tube Amp w/ foot switch
-Crate GFX 212
-Marshall HDFX Half Stack
-Fender Bass Amp
-Fender Frontman 25R Headphone Amp
-GVD PowerMixer BM8800
-PVS PA Speakers
-Kustom Mixer
-Kustom 10" Inch Monitors

In-House Instruments
-Gibson SG Guitar
-Epiphone SG Guitar
-Epiphone Les Paul Custom
-Fender Telecaster
-Keller Custom Electric
-Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
-Ibanez Performance Acoustic
-Martin Acoustic Guitar
-Tama Superstar 6 peice Drum Set
-Tama Superstar Snare, Pearl Snare
-Sabian B8 Cymbals 16" Crash, 18" Crash Ride, and 14" Hats
-Zildjian ZHT 20" Ride Cymbal
-Zildian 16"
-Zildian 20" Ping Ride
-Gibraltar Double Kick Pedal
-Chickering Upright Piano
Effects Pedals
-Digitech RP500 Integrated Effects Pedal board
-Digitech Vocalist Live 2 Harmonizer

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