Treasure Baron Gold Trax Metal Detector by Discovery Electronics Inc.

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Date Posted : 2012-11-02
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Designed with gold nugget hunters in mind, the Gold Trax detector is built around Discovery Electronics fundamental modular discriminating detector, the Treasure Baron (see the August issue of Lost Treasure for the Treasure Barons field test). Instead of the familar red control unit, the Gold Trax housing is gold, and this one comes with the Discovery Wide Scan 6 x 9 Nugget Coil.

What makes this detector realy perform is the installation of Discoverys new Gold Trax module.

1.The heart of the Gold Trax module is a state-of-the-art microprocessor, wich recieves signals form the operator via six small tactile switches located on the face plate. To change any of the settings determined by this module, a person needs only to press one or more of these switches.

2.To make this detector a truely turn-on-and-go instrument, the microprocessor is programmed to initialize with the most logical settings an inexperienced user would want.

3.Two of the main enhancements provided by the Gold Trax module are increased all-metal mode (pinpoint mode) sensitivity and a sophisticated automatic ground tracking system that tackles the toughest of ground with ease.

4.The only terrain where the automatic ground tracking doesnt excel is on a saltwater beach. Saltwater and salty wet sand respond as a target far beyond the adjustment limits of the ground tracking system. To use the Gold Trax detector on ocean beaches, flip a small Track/Preset toggle to the Preset position.

5.The ground tracking feature is a complex system itself, having eight adjustable ground tracking rates, a Turbo Mode, an Offset capability (the ability to adjust for either a positive or negative response when the search coil is lowered to the ground) and manual mode capabilities.

6.The Gold Trax module also provides the following features: eight adjustable pinpoint mode gain settings, 256 threshhold level adjustments, 16 different auto-tuning tuning speeds, digital filtering, audio and visible light-emitting diode (LED) iron indication and a battery check.

The Gold Trax detector is truely a simple to use, versatile nugget hunting instrument. More importantly, because of the full discrimination features, it can also be thought of as an extremely sensitive, easy to use coin or relic detector that can be used to hunt gold.

Original Price: $729.95

The pictures used are of other ones of the exact same model. This metal detector was my dad's and he always kept his things well maintained and in great condition. He was succesful in finding gold, coins, jewlry & more with it. I'm asking $529.95 OBO. Call 541-899-8381

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