Part-time Assistant and Sales positions available

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Date Posted : 2012-10-04
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!!! LivinLife Designs is NOW HIRING !!!!


LivinLife Designs (LLD) is an independantly owned Graphic Design and Printing Company.
We have just relocated to the Atlanta Georgia area, but we provide services to people all over the United States.

LLD can Design and Print just about anything, but some of the top services that we provide are below:

- Website Design
- buisness Logos
- Club Flyers
- Event Tickets
- buisness Cards
- T-shirts
- Etc...

Were still working to upgrade some features on our site. But please feel free to check it out at:

Our company is going thru a whole restructure and remodeling stage right now. We have just setup shop in Atlanta Georgia and were rapidly growing and expanding.
LLD is looking to hire for 2 positions at the moment. The 2 positions are listed below:

{Part-time Assistant and Sales position}


- You will not have to travel for this position, you can do all the work form your home computer.
- This position will start out with with very low hours, somewhere around 2-4 per week and pays $8 - $10 per hour. But as buisness grows your hours will increase. This position will grow
to a 20 hour per week part-time job within the first 2-4 weeks maybe sooner depending on your work effort.
- We expect this position to go full-time, 40 hours per week within 2-4 months. You will not be required to go full-time if you do not wish to.
- This is something you can do form home in your space time just to make some quick easy money. As buisness grows in this area you will have the option to stay part-time
or go full-time.
- This position is open to everyone form HIGH-SCHOOL to COLLEGE to PROFESSIONAL

Your job functions will basicly be handing things like:
- paperwork
- emails
- processing orders
- helping to get things organized within the company (files, documents, setting up accounts, procedures, testing processes, streamlining processing, etc...)
- and various things that we need during the day

Job Requirements:
- Good Listener
- Pays attention to detail
- Home computer access
- Mobile smart phone
- Ability to recieve text and email quickly form mobile phone
- Good Customer Service skills
- Good written and communication skills

Bonus Skills:
- Use and familarity of social media sites
- Graphic design skills


- This is a Residual Income opportunity
- Your basic job function would be sell the products and services that LLD offers
- We will provide you with various tools, support aid and knowlege to help you become succesful in this buisness.
- With this position you work on your own schedule.
- There is not cost, signup fee, contract or anything like that associated with this position. This position is a great opportunity for you to make some VERY easy extra money form the
the comfort of your own home. Just by making a few calls, posting a few ads and talking to a few people, you ou can have the ability to make a living and a possible career. You will not
find a more laid back relax opportunity with this typo of income potential
- If you are willing to put in the work, you will be very succesful at this position
- You decide your income, but our average person that puts forth the effort normally after first the 2-4 weeks will start to make around $200-$400 per week.
- We have employees that are are earning wages that range form $100-$5000+ on a weekly basic
- This position is open to everyone form HIGH-SCHOOL to COLLEGE to PROFESSIONAL

Job Requirements:
- Ability to communicate with others
- Good Written skills
- Grammar
- Customer Service

- Bonus Skills:
- Graphic Design

If you are interested in either position please send resume to:

In the subject please put "Interested in _________ position" so we can route your resume to the correct department.

Thanks for your time,
Have a Blessed Day

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