Rp Adams 12" Vws-13 Single Backwash Vertical Automatic Poro-Edg

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Date Posted : 2012-09-28
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Qty 1: RP Adams 12" VWS-13 Single Backwash Vertical Automatic Poro-Edge Strainer
12" VWS-13 N/C (Non-Code) 150# Optional Nozzles
Raw Water Inlet (Position No. 1): 12" 150# ANSI RF Flange
Strained Water Outlet (Position No. 7): 12" 150# ANSI RF Flange
Poro-Edge Tube Slot .010" Nominal
Motor Data: 1/2 HP Explosionproof Gearmotor
General Electric
1725 HP
3 Ph., 60 Hz., 460 Volts
typo: VWS, Size: 13, GPM: 3,080, PSI: 150, 32"
Overall Width x 76-3/8" H, 28-1/8" O.D
This strainer was last used on a closed loop cooling circuit for (4) I-R Centacs & (4) XLE Air Compressors
It has a large water volume capability of 3,080 GPM. 12" Dia. piping throughout the system
*Typical Recirculating Cooling Water System:
ADAMS Poro-Edge Automatic Water Strainer continuously removes 100% of the dirt and unwanted debris common to cooling tower water, thereby minimizing equipment downtime and cooling tower chemical treatment expenses.
*Typical Lake and River Water Application: Lake, river and pond water is a common source of cooling water for many industries.
ADAMS Poro-Edge Automatic Water Strainer continuously removes the dirt and debris form these sources, protecting all your water-cooled process equipment.
*Typical Recycle or Reuse Solution System: ADAMS Poro-Edge Automatic Water Strainers are widely used to remove debris form recycle streams. Manufacturing facilities using high speed drills, broaching machines, machine tools and rolling machines utilize cutting oils wich need to be reused. An ADAMS Poro-Edge Strainer continuously removes the machining chips and unwanted particulate form the oil, making it safe to reuse.

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